Pokemon Sword & Shield's Alcremie has at least 28 "flavors"

This is weirding me out...

Alcremie, the ice cream Pokemon, certainly has a lot of different forms! With Alcremie being made of ice cream, Game Freak is actually calling these "flavors" instead of forms. So far, 28 different flavors have been spotted for Alcremie, although there could be more in the final game!

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I have a feeling this is gonna kinda be like Furfrou where you can go to like a patisserie and color and accessorize your Alcremie... Looks like at least 8 bodies and 5 accessories - at least 40 different types?

The color placement and combos reminds me of the Chao from Sonic Adventure. I spent more time than I'd like to admit breeding a two-tone Chao to my liking...


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