Little Town Hero's story, characters, and battle system detailed

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Some new details about Little Town Hero have come out following last week's Nintendo Direct. Check out some story info, character profiles, and battle system details below.


- revolves around Axe, a young boy who dreams about visiting the world outside his town
- the townsfolk do not venture outside the town, as it is dangerous
- one day a large monster appears within the town.
- thanks to the power of a mysterious rock that Axe finds in the coal mines in town, he is able to drive the monster off
- this this, his journey of finding out the secret of his little town begins



- a young boy living in a small town who is forbidden from leaving
- he dreams of venturing outside and seeing the world
- the mysterious stone in his left arm has the power to defeat monsters


- Axe’s childhood friend who often tells off Axe for his pranks


- Axe’s best friend who's usually playing pranks on others with Axe
- he is dependable in a tight situation


- choose ideas that pop up around Axe’s head
- get help from the townsfolk in order to win battles
- after you choose an idea, you’ll use your idea to at the same time as the enemy
- take a close look at what options the enemy has before choosing your move
- various locations you visit will have different gimmicks and villagers to get help from

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Those ground textures look AWFUL. It's some real amateur work.

Huh? They're colourful and stylized. What's wrong with them?

They have a light direction painted into them that doesn't match the actual light source. Plus, they're designed to look like they're really uneven with a heavy relief, while you can tell the ground is just one big plane. This makes them look like a flat texture. Worst of all is the green they're blending with it. Most game engines allow you to blend textures with a height map, thus making the green blend into the cracks like grass instead of an even gradient like we see here. It looks really fake and really bad.

I do like that it's colorful and stylized, but it could be done much better.

This game really feels like at one point it was meant to be big but then had its budget cut.

This was never meant to be a big budget title. Also, the complaining about the ground textures is moot, because Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a supposed triple AAA title by Nintendo, has even worse ground textures. Don't start acting like a PC gamer 3 years into the Switch's lifespan.

Mon Sep 09 19 01:44pm
(Updated 2 times)

To be fair, Nintendo never polishes graphics until the 11th hour and when they do, they do it to the point where graphics might start impacting the frames-per-second.

If a Nintendo dev chooses to uphold 60 frames-per-second, of course graphics will have to take a hit somewhere unless the graphics are stylized enough and the game is optimized enough to not bring down the frame rate.

If a Nintendo dev chooses graphics though, the frame rate will suffer. Maybe 30fps at best.


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