Google search shows Nintendo UK updated their Klonoa listing 3 days ago

The plot thickens...

Ready for the next breadcrumb in the Klonoa trail? Just the other day, we saw that Bandai Namco grabbed a new trademark for Klonoa Encore, which lead to speculation of a re-release or new title. Today, we have a new piece of evidence that shows something might indeed be going on.

By doing a Google search for "Nintendo.com Klonoa," the first result you get is for a Nintendo UK page listing for Klonoa's release on Wii. The interesting thing is, that page was updated 3 days ago, as indicated by the Google results. Why on earth would Nintendo be working on that page recently? Hopefully we'll find out soon!

Thanks to OperationGamer17 for the heads up!

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Since we're clearly getting a port of the Wii game, which I'd obviously be happy about anyway because I fucking love that game, I hope it also includes Lunatea's Veil. It'd be nice to have both main games together in HD.

If we're going really nuts the GBA games would be welcome, too.

If I recall correctly, they remade the first Klonoa game some time ago, which absolutely bombed and put the entire franchise on ice. If they're giving the series another go, that'd be interesting.


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