GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 737

The one where we talk J.C. Rodrigo and weenie burnin'

Thanks to @KrazyKernal for the awesome artwork!

Want some hands-on impressions with Ring Fit Adventure? We've got the details for you! There's also plenty of other big stories to talk about this week, alongside music trivia, your questions, and so much more! Tune in for the news, stay for the info on my sordid love affair with Nintendo's J.C. Rodrigo!

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I've never heard of weenie burning before this show, but that art is hilarious Kernal.
What moron came up with that game!?

Why, thank you, as always!

And i believe the word you meant to say was "genius". Don't knock it til you try*.

*i cant stress this enough, do NOT actual try this! Its a very bad idea.

Every week I check in on Krazy Kernal's artwork before I listen to the show, and every week I cannot wait to hear the conversation that inspired it! :D

Sun Sep 29 19 02:50pm
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Haha, that's been my hope! That people would go "what the hell?! Oh, i GOTTA listen!"

This crew gives so much material, sometimes i feel spoiled for choice!

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