GoNintendo Video - Cadence of Hyrule's devs made a Super Mario Maker 2 level!

Give me a beat!

Did you know that the devs behind Cadence of Hyrule have made a Super Mario Maker 2 level? I didn't until earlier today! Let's take a look at what this rhythm-platforming stage has to offer.

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I wish they would have made the red and blue blinking blocks in the 3DW style switch on the beat as they do in 3D World. Without that property, they're very uninteresting (essentially on/off blocks that can't be controlled) and don't reflect their in-game functionality. Unfortunately, it's things like this that make the game feel somewhat rushed.

Fri Oct 11 19 10:12am
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He never reads the comments. So he also won't read this then :p

Entertaining vid though. More Mario Maker 2 please.

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