Switch port of 'Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE' (Encore) to be censored in Japanese release, following reports of Western censorship

Tokyo Mirage Censorship

With the release of the Tokyo Mirage Sessions/Fire Emblem crossover title on Wii U in 2015 'Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE', the game became an instant critically acclaimed classic. However, there was one major complaint for some Western players. The Western release of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE received some censorship, removing some of the game's fan-service.

Now, with the upcoming Nintendo Switch port of the game, it looks like both Japanese and Western versions will be censored this time around. According to the official listing on the Nintendo of Japan website, 'Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore' will be based on the Western Wii U release of the game, with new added content and features. This means all versions on Nintendo Switch will lack any of the moderately mature content, including minor details such as female characters in bikinis.


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Thu Oct 17 19 11:15am
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I like how it enrages people when content is adapted to another region and it involves cleavage or nudity. People claim it is because it violates the artistic integrity of the original creators, blah blah blah... I WILL NEVER BUY IT BS...

At the same time I don't see anyone saying they won't play Super Mario World because Yoshi can't eat dolphins in the West. Seems like double standards to me.

Must log in to dislike this....

Thu Oct 17 19 09:44am
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Very disappointing, as the edits made by NOA employees went WAY beyond censoring "fanservice" and were borderline psychotic, rendering parts of the game non-sensical.
Weird that they would want to drag any of that blunder and negativity into the Switch era.

I hope this version of the game sells poorly in comparison to all the other ports. That way it will solidify that the majority of the market does not support censorship.

If that happens, then it would be a flop again and that would mean it would not get even a sequel of sorts.

...then again, it's very unlikely the game will get a sequel.

I mean lets be honest here this game was never gonna sell that well regardless of censorship. This game has a very niche audience. Only the hardest of the hardcore weeboos will be into this. While yes, Fire Emblem as a series has grown tremendously at the end of the day this game is 90% Shin Megami Tensei/Persona and 10% Fire Emblem.

I'm honestly shocked Nintendo decided to port this over instead of 3D World, Pikmin 3, or the Zelda remasters. All guarenteed million sellers..

I mean the game is fun, and honestly the only 2 censors that are bad are Aversas black mist boob censor (because it looks bad), and the hotsprings area (which was removed entirely). The bikini censor isnt too bad tbh. Still would have been nice to give us the options, but im guessing since they are highschoolers they would rather not rock the boat. Ill get back to fire emblem heroes now, Hotspring Camilla isnt going to win battles herself.

Thanks for the specifics. That's not too bad, especially since they are so young, I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm sure if anyone wants to see those parts they can watch a Japanese Wii U playthrough.

No no no. ERICXC was only scratching the surface. The bikini thing involved a whole character arc. The female lead wants to become an idol (obviously), but in japan idols usually do gravure shootings (you know, wearing bikinis and stuff). The chapter revolved around her not wanting to do that, but ultimately accepting that this is a part of being an idol and that you have to do stuff you don't particularly like in order to achive your dreams.
That whole arc was completely changed to something so nonsensical, that the chapter felt silly and unnecessary.

Thu Oct 17 19 10:12am
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Can't wait for the impending deluge of commenters online who will blame Nintendo for this and not the studio who made the choices in the first place.

The only way I was going to buy this is if it arrived uncut, now you can stick it where the sun doesn't shine Atlus.

Thu Oct 17 19 11:15am
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I like how it enrages people when content is adapted to another region and it involves cleavage or nudity. People claim it is because it violates the artistic integrity of the original creators, blah blah blah... I WILL NEVER BUY IT BS...

At the same time I don't see anyone saying they won't play Super Mario World because Yoshi can't eat dolphins in the West. Seems like double standards to me.

Not sure about you but I didn't have internet back when Super Mario World was released. People just didn't know that the western version was changed.

But people did have internet when it was rereleased on Wii, Wii U, 3DS and Switch. People downloading ROMs also had it. However, I have never heard anyone saying they wouldn't play it because of it.

Thu Oct 17 19 03:21pm
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There was no real story to alter in Super Mario World. Complete false equivalency.

The only story that has been changed in TMS#FE that I am aware is DLC, not main game. If I'm incorrect, please feel free to show me how.
Also, aren't the complainers, at least in part, the same people that complained they couldn't touch waifus in Fire Emblem Fates? Or that couldn't choose the breast size of minors in Xenoblade Chronicles X? They also didn't impact story, but people were quick to complain because of the word censorship. To me, it is simply a choice in localisation. And as long as any change is labelled as censorship, there will be people who will pounce at the chance to complain, no matter what has been changed, and more importantly, why.

Chapter 2 was largely rewritten. It was originally commentary on gravure modeling in idol culture but they removed anything pertaining to that in both the script and the visuals.

I know that they changed her "costume" to be much less revealing. While I do appreciate the commentary on gravure modelling in idol culture, given how many Japanese developers enjoy "floatation devices", that is one storyline I don't mind gone. I played through all of chapter 2 and didn't miss it or find it lacking.
I am curious about what they will add to the game. That is what will define an eventual double dip.

Less of censorship, more or less them taking the western version as the master version and running with it. Some other remasters do this too either because the western version added more stuff or fixed bugs (IE: The modern ports of FFVII/VIII that are also out in Japan have the international content)

Considering how nasty people got over minor clothing edits during the wii U release I wasn’t really a fan of the discord surrounding the game, (especially since it was noted that Atlus made/approved the changes) but I still had a tremendous time playing what I could.

The only thing I think is sucky about this is that a DLC sidequest about a hotspring was cut. Visual edits/aging a character up are one thing (and very understandable for the most part) but it seems a but much to let finished DLC content go to waste. Still there’s no 1000% confirmation about this either way and this just seems like speculation meant to anger the people who brought us the infamous “Vagina Bones” meme. I’d wait for them to show off the full game/exclusive switch content before I judge

When you consider how the game bombed so hard, it's no wonder this is an attempt from Nintendo to either try to get more sales or for it to flop harder than before.

But really, you guys should know by now that Nintendo censors anything that is deemed bad or tarnishes their image. What Nintendo game has never been censored to begin with? Even Xenoblade 2 got censorship.

Nintendo actually got Platinum to make the Nintendo suits in Bayonetta 2 sexier. Platinum's original designs were more conservative

Well, there are exceptions. But the IP isn't owned wholly by Nintendo.

Thu Oct 17 19 12:36pm
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Japanese game makers are being forced to comply with the sensibilities of prudish, authoritarian people in another country.

I guess we're China now.

Yeah, it's so sad that Japan can't make games with sexualized characters that look underage or have groping mini-games without being censored by the West. It's so similar to an American company keeping themselves from saying anything to offend a foreign power's politics. /s

Thu Oct 17 19 03:32pm
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It's okay that you don't want those things. But who are you to tell them THEY can't have them?

To tell them that sexualized images of minors are wrong and that games shouldn't have them? I'm pretty sure I can tell anyone that.

You sure can, because you have freedom of speech. So should they.

To say that sexualized pictures of minors should be okay? If that's their hill to die on, I guess.

i can't believe the devs who approved the changes to begin with are hidden in a basement somewhere secretly pleading for randos on twitter to spam NOA over it

I kid you not though, people on twitter legitimately believed NOA was holding the devs hostage or making them very unhappy which is utterly dumb when 1: Atlus made/approved the changes and 2: The staff commented on a costume change being cute and something they knew they might have to change for the western world. I find it pretty laughable how worked up people got over this game since Chapter 2 is literally the only major edit this game had... And the plot still gets the point across

Thu Oct 17 19 04:42pm
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How are you dreaming up this rich fantasy world full of straw men?

Any development team would rather make one version of the game that would work for all regions instead of tailoring changes for a vocal minority in one region. It's just more work to do that. And you said it yourself: "they knew they might have to change for the western world." But not really the western world... a small fraction of the western world that visits Resetera and complains on Twitter about games they would never buy no matter what content was in them.

Images of people hidden in a basement came from your brain and nobody else.

Thu Oct 17 19 05:24pm
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"Any development team would rather make one version of the game that would work for all regions"

That's exactly where I will agree on this one part, because almost every first party switch game ever has a universal SKU that works across all regions. This game included. The only thing that alters between languages are the text and sometimes in-game artwork if the company goes that far (Yugioh on Switch will use the Japanese card art if you play in Japanese) and games are thus made with a "Worldwide" mindset in mind so that they don't have to make a billion versions per country.

The thing that's been done is that TMS has been altered for the worldwide view due to the fact that some of the US edits have been backported into other parts of the FE series such as some merch (Kiria's US uniform was put on a FE Cipher card) so it basically became the new canon in the same way that the extra Weapon battles in FF7 were put in newer FF7 ports in Japan, despite them being US additions. So clearly, the developers are fine with using it on a worldwide scale to release it in Japan with the same Cero B rating.

"But not really the western world... a small fraction of the western world that visits Resetera and complains on Twitter about games they would never buy no matter what content was in them."

First off, it's kinda ironic that you single out a random forum when I've never seen people there outright beg for the original game to make the edits that they did. Most people there poke fun of the dumb wedding dress outfit that's just like a bad paint bucket edit.

If anything, i've seen more people on the internet bitch about no vagina bones and the paint edits taking place, than people actually begging for them covered up/altered, which basically just shows NOA/Atlus/the staff did the edits on their own due to their own assumptions about the western market without being told to by anyone. That's how companies do most edits in fact (that or the ESRB tells them outright).

It wasn't secret outrage that made them do it out of fear, they just... did it. Just like they do for other games behind-the-scenes during betas that nobody outside of the dev team is aware of. I wouldn't be surprised if during development for games like Xenoblade 2 or Pokemon, a dev member thinks of something and then someone else goes "wait, maybe you shouldn't do that because ___ may not like it or ____ will work better", so it's changed. It's no different than the rare times where you see a tone shift in a video game from a pre-release trailer to the full game.

Also not to mention that aging up characters is literally a constant common sense edit for any sort of localization even if everything else about a game is unchanged. I've seen some M rated games that do this with no other edits because it's better to age up and be safe than not age up and come off as walking a dangerous tightrope, and aging up is usually the only thing I've seen people occasionally want when it comes to a game being brought over. The Bravely games had it, this had it, Xenoblade X had it, it's common.

Really the only thing i'm worried about here is the hot springs DLC getting ignored again since it was DLC content that shouldn't really go to waste and I thought it was dumb that instead of editing it in the Wii u version they just... Didn't release it, but besides that I just want a fun game and a great story to enjoy... And I'm still getting that since I enjoyed the four chapters I played of the Wii U version and I want to finally 100% it.

Thu Oct 17 19 06:48pm
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We unfortunately won't ever know the real motivation for making the edits--whether it's soundly thought-out decision by the developers themselves (as you explained before), or it was an edict sent out by a publisher, or it was motivated by fear of backlash.

But I will say that you make a very good argument. Better than most other people I've talked to about this topic. I appreciate well-reasoned arguments.

I work as an artist for a living, so the idea of censorship weighs heavily on me, whether it be by another country or by fear of backlash from a vocal minority. I tend to endorse artistic freedom, but understand the idea of restraining yourself to avoid offending people or to hit a certain ESRB rating. The scary part of this is the gray areas, where you might disagree on what exactly is offensive. We're all different, after all. I just hope for people to be able to choose what is appropriate for themselves, rather than have somebody else decide for them.

Thu Oct 17 19 08:28pm
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I mean, yeah, I'm glad we can agree to disagree. I've made some stories in the past I've had to tone down for the sake of sharing with my family and such, and there's some stuff I made that I didn't like at first so I revised it to be easier to understand.

I find that in general Switch games tend to be pretty lenient with the developers/staff knowing what they want that can work/won't work worldwide and even if a game's Japan only for a while and comes to the US later, there really isn't much that gets changed. I've imported a ton of games and usually it's due to it either coming out earlier in Japan or in the case of the Konami collections, because the Japanese versions had versions that were more balanced/fun to play. (Castlevania in particular, though the US versions got the JPN versions later and vice versa for my imported CV collection)

There really isn't a case of any major regional edits being made to a switch game because of major backlash, unless it's warranted or best to do to be on the safe side, as I know Spike Chunsoft had to tweak a few things for their titles, but it was usually very few and it was mostly done to avoid the risk of an AO rating. TMS might be the exception out of pretty much every Switch RPG so far, which is kinda jarring even if these edits are minor since we're so used to games not having them anymore.

Still, I feel this recent situation is mostly akin to the aforementioned FFVII/VIII international edits Japan gets with their remakes, and a recent example was how they toned down a summon's skirt in FF8 Remastered even in the Japanese version due to CERO reasons. It wasn't even an edit made to our PSOne version, just a new one they did for worldwide consistency, yet people still got so, so mad about it despite how minor it was and how easy it is to miss (unlike

That's why I feel the TMS edits in Japan aren't because of Atlus US/NOA enforcing it, but because the original staff liked the edits made enough to make them canonical and because it's easier to have those edits be consistent across all versions. I don't think the staff accepting those edits is a bad thing at all if they truly like them, (the reason I made that comparison in my first post is during that Wii U pre-launch period for the original, some seriously did think the staff signed NDAs blocking them from criticizing the edits) but I do hope the new, Switch exclusive content helps to offset some of the edited stuff from the Wii U original since we don't even know what that entails yet outside of a new song.

Thu Oct 17 19 02:57pm
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I still played and enjoyed the original but a lot of the censorship was overkill.

It made one of the story arcs make less sense and most of the things they covered up wasn't particularly needed for a T rated game since plenty of T rated games show similar content without the need to change it.

The second problem is that you're selling the game to Japanese people and people outside of Japan that are familiar and interested in their culture and by censoring the game it's oft putting to the people that are going to be most interested in it in the first place.

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