Luigi's Mansion 3 sneaks in a reference to a classic horror movie

They're here...

Luigi's Mansion 3 is filled to the brim with silly animations and spooky puns, but it turns out there are some straight-up homages to classic horror cinema as well. If you don't mind a spoiler, hit the jump to see what movie the game pays tribute to.

At one point in the game, you'll be walking around a mall-like setting, filled with seating and tables for shoppers. As you walk back and forth between stores, you'll eventually be hit with the scene above. You don't get to see how it happens, but somehow all the chairs at this one table end up stacked on top of one another in an impossible tower. This is a direct reference to Poltergeist, which you can see below.


LMAO I've never watched Poltergiest, but are the ghosts always that elaborate with their haunting?

Oooh, I hope The Exorcist is in there too. I want a ghost to tell Luigi that his mother ****s **** in ****

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