Steven Spielberg wanted guns removed from Minority Report on GBA, suggested replacing them with the movie's vomit-inducing 'Sick Stick'

I think I'm gonna hurl...


Back in the days of the GBA, pretty much any movie could get a game adaptation. That included Minority Report, which was turned into a GBA game called Minority Report: Everybody Runs. As you might expect, the game wasn't very good at all, but it turns out it could have been much worse and better at the same time.

Game Informer recently talked to developer Alex Hutchinson, who was part of the team who created the GBA game. Turns out Steven Spielberg himself had taken issue with one area of the game. He didn't want guns in the game, even though the movie was littered with guns. In a snippet from Game Informer's interview below, you can see full details of the interaction, as well as Spielberg's suggestion on what the guns could be replaced with.

“The only interesting part of that development was getting an email at some point from Steven Spielberg’s assistant, who said, ‘I see there are lots of guns in your Game Boy game.’ And we said, ‘Well, there are a lot of guns in your movie.’ And they said, ‘Steven feels that maybe kids shouldn’t see those guns.’ … And we were like, ‘It’s a three month production, four month production on a Game Boy game.’ We’re just like smashing it out basically. It was lucky that it booted. And we were like, ‘We can’t change it.’ And he’s like, ‘But he has one idea. There’s another weapon in the game called the Sick Stick, which makes you vomit. Can you replace all of the guns with this since kids love vomit?’ And we said no. That’s the only good part of that entire development.”

I have to say, I'm kind of sad that didn't happen. It would have made the game a least a little more interesting, or good for a laugh!

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He's a real Miyamoto that Steven.

I hope you're drawing that comparison because both of these men are put on a pedestal despite being hilariously out of touch.

I mean, seriously? "Kids love vomit"? Did Spielberg get the memo that the '90s were over for 3 years by that point?

Removing the guns, even if it came from the desk of Spielburg himself, would have been used as ammo for the "Nintendo forces third parties to censor games" agenda.

IT's utterly stupid to assume a game needs to be kid friendly if the underlying IP is clearly for mature customers. And if you're convinced that the GB is purely a kids' platform, then don't make such games at all.

As the game awards clearly showed, Nintendo is a "family" company.

It's funny how unimpressed they were at a film legend making a request for their game. I would have been, "Sure, anything you say Mr. Spielberg, any other ideas?". As far as the silly shovelware game finishing on time, who cares about that.

Reminds me of that South Park episode "Free Hat" where the Star Wars and Indiana Jones special edition rereleases had the guns altered to Walkie Talkies..


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