Super Nintendo World's layout for Universal Studios Orlando, Florida revealed

This area is massive!

Thanks to a round of a new round of permits for Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, we have a new look at the layout for the Super Nintendo World part of the park. As you can see, there's Super Mario Land & Yoshi, Mario Kart, and Donkey Kong areas. The Donkey Kong area is the one spot we know the most about, as matching it up with previous artwork and diorama pics shows us that it'll include an inside coaster area, outside coaster area, queue, meet and greet area, gift shop area and interactive elements. All in all, these sections of the park look like they're going to be pretty massive!

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I was hoping they wouldn't just focus on the Mushroom kingdom and used a few more IPs but it was Miyamoto in charge it seems.

Maybe the franchises that aren’t Super Mario will appear as character meet-and-greets. We won’t know for a long time, though.

Tue Dec 17 19 05:00pm
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I was hoping that as well... boy do I want a Zelda land with its own "dungeon". But I'm betting they'll expand it as time goes on, depending on how successful the area is.

There are too many park-worthy Nintendo franchises to stop at Mario/DK.

Tue Dec 17 19 05:17pm
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I’m actually surprised they have such a large area based around Donkey Kong. I know DK is iconic but Nintendo barely even pumps out Donkey Kong games these days, he’s mostly just a spin off character but I’m happy to see it has this large a presence

Agreed if this was the 90's a DK section would be a NO brainer. DK use to be part of "the big 3" Mario, Zelda, and DK. But ever since Rare left Nintendo mismanaged and squandered the DK IP so badly that most people view DK as nothing more than a Mario spin-off series on the same level as like a Yoshi or Luigis Mansion nowadays. Even though Mario is a spin-off of DK! Its really a shame how mistreated DK is as a franchise compared to others when its Nintendo's 5th best selling franchise of all time.

While yes Im happy DK is getting a section (obviously) Im just so use to the abuse Nintendo gives us DK fans nowadays Im honestly shocked we didnt get Fire Emblem, Zelda, or Xenoblade land instead. Not to mention as much as I like Retro's games you know damn well DK land is not gonna have K.Rool/Kremlings and the animal buddies besides Squawks and Rambi.

I agree with your statement. I think Universal was looking for properties that are iconic and would be a good ride potential. The mine cart levels are an easy sell and would make for an exciting ride. Everyone knows DK, even if they don't know the most recent version of him.

If Miyamoto was actually in charge, you would see Pikmin get its own ride.

I'm really not surprised it's all Mario. That's the best one fo them to capitalise on popularity.

Sakurai: No Fire Emblem!? Why not? It's only the biggest Nintendo IP ever!


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