Demo for The Touryst hits the Switch eShop

Up for a vacation?

Shin'en has made a ton of wonderful content for Nintendo platforms, and The Touryst is certainly one of those experiences. Unfortunately, it seems the game got lost in a mix of bigger games when it originally launched. Hopefully Shin'en can turn things around with the demo they just released today. It's a quick demo, but it might be enough to push people towards a purchase.

I honestly can't say enough good things about the game, so it definitely gets my stamp of approval!

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Hopefully it pushes more sales. The game deserves it.

They never did a good job of explaining what this game is about, or even what kind of game it is. I think marketing was their biggest issue.

Yeah, it's difficult to describe. It's kind of an adventure platformer but intentionally slow paced and big on design. It's a game that doesn't hold your hand.

I'll try it out, I've been interested in it.

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