My Nintendo Store Japan sells out of Switch

Gone, but not forgotten

My Nintendo Japan has announced that they've completely sold out of the Switch. This includes all options for the system, which is certainly not a good sign. Nintendo has said that the coronavirus was going to cause hardware shipment issues in Japan, and this sell-out might be showing the impact of that already.

We have no word on what the stock for Switch hardware is like at retailers in Japan, nor do we have info on when to expect at My Nintendo restock. As of right now, just the Switch Lite is available via the My Nintendo Store.


Mon Feb 10 20 08:36pm
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the virus has already surpassed the 2003 Sars epidemic in terms of deaths. my heart goes out to China

Its kinda bad that corporates rely on China manufacturing products because of cheap labor. Kind of a rasist thing to be honest.

I hope the virus ends soon so that things can go back smoothy.


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