Nintendo Announces IndieWorld Showcase Livestream for March 17 at 1 PM ET

Nintendo likes surprising people at the last possible moment. The presentation offers twenty minutes of indie game talk. Perhaps a full direct is coming soon as well!
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If not for that rumour, I think there would be riots right now.

Mon Mar 16 20 09:15am
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Yikes, that rumour of a general direct following an indie one better be true, or there's going to be some angry folks

I love me some indie games. Lately some of my fav games are indies, but yeah. That "big" Direct sure should come out of t's cave now. But that perhaps after AC is out and all...

If not for that rumour, I think there would be riots right now.

Some of the best games on the Switch are indies. This is not remotely disappointing.

I have fallen completely i love with "My Big Sister" and "Red Ribbon" lately. So dreamy and so silly fun at surrealistic at the same time =) So yeah, I can agree somewhat. The again I would love to see what Ninty has in store for this year. I think even a dead cat knows I'm dying to see something from Bayonetta 3 by now.

So would be nice to have both, really.

I'm here for Shantae and Silksong.

I hope that rumor is true. Anyway hope we get Streets of Rage 4 release date.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Ireland everyone! Hope you enjoy all the leprechaun, whiskey and Guinness themed games that are being announced tomorrow!

I'll enjoy my leprechauns, whiskey and Guinness as is, thank you very much.

Wow this lines up almost too well with that rumor. I guess for once an anonymous tipster either was right or just got really lucky.

What rumour is this anyway? Something I didn't catch?

...don't Indieworld presentations just happen during the GDC timeframe anyways? Wouldn't that be like predicting a Direct during E3's timeframe?

I think it's more that people like me are looking for updates on bigger games like BOTW2 or MP4 or even Bayonetta 3 and etc. We had a Nindie Showcase in December and I think there was one in October or late September, but the last Main Nintendo Direct was back in early September.


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