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SaGa SCARLET GRACE: AMBITIONS may be seeing a retail release in NA/EU

Will it grace us?
by rawmeatcowboy
05 May 2020
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Square-Enix released SaGa SCARLET GRACE: AMBITIONS digitally for the Switch in Dec. 2019. Fans were happy to see the game get a localization, but many were hoping for a physical release as well. While we still don't have any official confirmation on that, there's some retail evidence pointing to that physical release happening.

Play-Asia has recently added a bunch of listings for SaGa SCARLET GRACE: AMBITIONS that are different from the Japanese retail version. These listings all say that preorders are expected to open soon. That goes along with a new listing on Amazon, which unfortunately doesn't have any release date info either. Still, with both retailers adding the listing recently, it certainly seems like something is up.

Thanks to Darren for the heads up!

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