GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 781

The one where we talk about Adam Sandler

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August is here, and we've got the first podcast of the month to kick things off! We talk about Animal Crossing's big update, Beyond Good and Evil's movie, and much more!

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I didn't know what smores were, and then Mom Brain explained it was made from 'gram crackers'. WTH are gram crackers? So I googled that, found out it's like the name Graham, and that it's a biscuit...Why is it called a cracker? Who's Graham?

Very confusing episode.

It's call a cracker cause you crack it to separate the hard cinnamon wheat biscuit from one another.


It's call Graham for the preaching of Sylvester Graham who was part of the 19th-century temperance movement, apparently a social movement against the consumptions of alcoholic beverages.

-taken from Wikipedia

Tue Aug 04 20 08:28pm
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Hard disagree with RMC taking off a point for Sandler. I normally also think he’s a lazy, cash-grabbing douche living in a creative void, but this part was perfectly sculpted and written for him. He is amazing in it. Even if you take a point off for Sandler, put it back for Judd Hirsch.

First off, thank you for the comment!

I didn't think Sandler was bad in the role, but I didn't think he was anything special either. He was just being a subdued Adam Sandler with an accent, rather than 200% crazy Adam Sandler.

Your Judd Hirsch point is a good one. I do love that man!

Agree to disagree Smile
he surprised me with a ton of nuance in the role. Very few other actors could understand that particular character so perfectly and keep the audience maintaining some sense of sympathy toward such a blatantly deplorable person who poisoned so many other lives. I also think the Safdie’s understood that many viewers would take that existing Sandler baggage and expectation with them in to the film and they purposefully subvert those expectations.

Regardless Kevin Garnett actually impressed me more than anyone else. Wait, this sort of chatter is what the patreon is for, isn’t it? Haha

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