Retro Studios looking to hire a lead producer for Metroid Prime 4

Retro has been looking to fill a number of positions at their company for awhile now, all to help work on Metroid Prime 4 in one way or another. Now the company is looking to add a Lead Producer to their ranks.

The company posted up the listing in May of 2020, but only just tweeted about it now. As you might guess, a lead producer doesn't have much of anything to do with development, but works to make sure all teams are working together and schedules are being met. You can check out full details on the listing here.

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I wonder when this game will actually be released. Holiday 2021, possibly? Do you guys think this will release before or after BOTW2?

Fri Aug 14 20 04:08pm
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It was pitched in late 2018, so thats when development began, so summer 2022 at the earliest, especially with likely delays from covid. I'd bet early 2023 at this point is the most likely.

Fri Aug 14 20 06:08pm
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I've been thinking they might just be better off taking their sweet time and saving it as a big Switch 2 (or whatever) launch game.

Worked wonders for the first Breath of the Wild. They can take as long as they can if it shocks us like the original did.

Yeah, might be the best way to give Metroid the spotlight it desperately needs too. We already know that being a great game isn't necessarily enough to sell the copies deserved, but if it were the centerpiece of a launch? That could do it.

Depending on when "Switch 2" happens that could be very possible. Would definitely end up a lot different than Twilight Princess or BoTW because the Wii and Switch weren't that much more powerful than the GC or Wii U, but I assume the next Switch will be a decent chunk more powerful (if they really are doing DLSS, which they better, it has to be).

Fri Aug 14 20 08:27pm
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DLSS, eh? I don't see why they shouldn't (oh and thanks for telling us about it Smile ). They have a great relationship with Nvidia and the Switch is selling like crazy. Have been guessing, as mentioned before perhaps, that the next Switch will be revealed next year and perhaps ready for the holidays, but most we'll have to wait and see what the PS5 and XsX has been doing then. Also guessing that BOTW2 might hit this holiday, bt latest next one. If BOTW2 hits this X-mas I might even wait with my PS5 purchase. Another thing is that Ninty will not do what MS is doing (as usual) and have "Switch Pro/2" exclusive games but be BC with everything Switch.

A bit more on-topic: MP4's development hasen't been very good it seems, and we haven't seen shit from Retro for way too long so that game isn't coming anytime soon. But I would love to see a ittle something. A screenshot would be nice. But been saying the same about Bayonetta 3 also, so...

I’d honestly settle for a quick CGI trailer at this point, just something to dissect and give us a hint at the story and what direction they’re going in. I’m happy to wait for as long as it takes to make it the best it can be but man, throw us a bone already haha

We have seen more from Bayonetta 3 than MP4 and both are getting annoying =D Just show us a little something. Art work even...

0% chance Nintendo is releasing a successor to Switch next year. The rumor is a more powerful revision using a more power efficient Tegra X1 (so no new architectural changes, no DLSS, no RT, etc.), launching along side Zelda. Nintendo is about to hit the peak year for Switch, why in the world would they be thinking of dropping it any time soon? I think its very feasible we don't even have a successor by 2023, a 2024 release is very feasible if Switch doesn't suddenly lose all its momentum next year. Furthermore, if a brand new system released next year, it probably wouldn't even be using the same architecture the upcoming RTX cards will be using, so it probably wouldn't be incredibly powerful, even with DLSS. It would offer no benefits to them to drop the Switch early, when its doing so well, it should be dropped later than usual, and it would only mean a rushed dev cycle for the upcoming system. Not practical reason to do that.

I don't want to see Prime 4 until its ready. Its already been cancelled once, and it was announced way too soon (Retro's build I mean) because of this, showing us a CG trailer "for the hype" (not quoting anyone specific) isn't going to make the game come any faster, they shouldn't show a thing until the project is starting to become a real game.

Note a lead producer, not the lead producer. Projects like this often have multiple producers (Xenoblade for instance had a producer from Monolith and a producer from Nintendo SPD)

I think 2023 is just flat out not happening. 2022 seems possible but I'd bet holiday 2021. It matters that the game was revealed and they know we are waiting for it. They won't spend 5 years on it

I guess it depends on how ambitious they’re going to be with it. Even though Metroid isn’t anywhere near close to being as successful as Mario and Zelda Nintendo always treated the main Prime games like marquee titles as far as production goes (they really scaled it up for Prime 3 too). I can’t really see them wanting to just make a safe straight forward sequel, it’s such a niche franchise that it needs to be something really special to get more than just existing Metroid fans excited for it. Hope I’m wrong though, 2021 would be amazing!

Yeah I know this probably doesn't mean that much but prime 3, which was on a new console, had new controls and better graphics and whatnot came out only 2 and a half years after prime 2. This is why I think 2021 is still possible

Very true...pretty crazy to look back on that era and how prolific Nintendo were at the time.

That said, we’re looking at a very different Retro today to the one back in 2007 where many of the key staff members who worked on the Prime games have left. For this newer team it’s going to be a lot of learning how to make a successful Prime game, not to mention they’ll likely be using a newer engine and won’t have the benefits of being able to carry mechanics from the first game over easily like they could with 2&3. Still, entirely possible that they could get it out by 2021 but that still feels a bit early to me!

If they wanted Nintendo could release Prime 4 the same way they have with ARMS, Pokemon Sword/Shield, Splatoon, Mario Maker, Kirby Star Allies, Animal Crossing New Horizons, and Mario Tennis Aces. Release/finish 75% of the game then give the rest out in free updates to keep the game "fresh" just to get it out sooner.

So uhhh...

What exactly does a lead producer actually do?


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