Super Mario Galaxy "Original Vs. Super Mario 3D All-Stars" Graphics Comparison

How big of a difference is there?

Rounding off our series of Mario comparisons is Super Mario Galaxy! How does one of the strongest Mario artstyles transition to HD on Switch? Join us in our head to head comparison!

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These aren't really 'graphics comparisons' videos, the only thing Nintendo did was bump up the resolution a bit.

Sat Sep 05 20 12:46am
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You can't beat perfection! Galaxy 2 is good. But would have not exist if Galaxy did not exist. They should have placed both, and called it "Galaxies" but if you have to make me choose, then this package is perfect as it is.

Yeah I agree. Galaxy blew me away. I was overjoyed that they gave us a sequel and it was just as good, but the impact of 1 was bigger.

I‘m also pretty sure they‘ll eventually add 2. As DLC?

Considering this game will have a limited release, I can't see them adding dlc.

Wow, I was gonna ask how DLC is tied to a limited release, but just learned that supposedly they're actually stopping digital sales as well? That... makes no sense. Their best sellers all accumulate their mega numbers over a long time. And the cost for them leaving it online is zero. Yeah yeah I get that the urgency will drive customers to buy early. But that will not make up for the lost sales later, never.

They’d be crazy not to sell Galaxy 2 separately and also do a Super Mario 3D All Stars Deluxe that packs it in with the rest.
The limited thing is really weird to be honest.

Sun Sep 06 20 07:07am
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Yeah I'm sure they'll do that, seeing that they've already ported and optimized the Galaxy engine... would be stupid not to. Mid-price of some kind, digital only for sure. But they can't justify giving Galaxy 2 it the "standalone full-price" treatment like Mario 3D World. Diehard fans may love SMG2, but to normal people it's no more valuable than 64 or Sunshine or SMG1. And every standalone re-release received some extra content to convince previous owners to buy again.

Actually I even understand their decision to leave it out. It would be too much Galaxy content at once, most people wouldn't bother.

I’d be very surprised if these versions are ported and not just emulated in higher resolutions. In that case there’s no real excuse not to eventually release Galaxy 2 as it’s own release; it’d take very little work to make it happen.

I’d be surprised if they are emulated. Seems the easier effort would be to recompile the source for ARM rather than build three emulators. Assuming they wouldn’t use existing open source emulators.

The cleaner textures, especially in SM64, suggest it’s a port and not emulated. They also changed “press start” to “press +” on the title screen which I don’t think they’ve done when they released it on VC. Plausible they’d edit the source, compile a new N64 ROM and run it in an emulator but I doubt that’s the case.
Tweaking SMG to respond to the Joy-Con and touch screen also lead me to believe they’re ports.

We’ll know for sure in two weeks once the game gets dumped and deconstructed and data mined Smile


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