Nintendo grabs new/re-ups a series of trademarks

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Nintendo has been doing some trademark housekeeping in Japan. The company has grabbed trademark for new projects, and also re-upped some names you're familiar with. Check out the rundown of their trademark spree below.

- Entei
- Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury
- FURY WORLD (The Japanese name of Super Mario 3D World's expansion)
- Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
- マリカーライブ (Japanese for Home Circuit)
- Donkey Kong Country

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Shouldn't The Pokémon Company be trademarking Entei??

Source says it's a joint between the 3 member companies.

Ok then. But why only Entei then...

I'm far from an expert, but I can guess.
Entei's trademark is registered as 108959, the other trademarks are 108997 through 109003. If all of these were done together and all of them are sequential like the last ones are, then there are 38 other trademarks that we're not hearing about, probably other Pokemon. Again, just a guess.

As far as guesses go, you have a nice premise to spring out of. Congrats Smile

Donkey Kong Country!?

Donkey Kong Country: Return of the Kremlings 2021 release confirmed?

Tue Sep 15 20 12:11am
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Wishful thinking: a new Donkey Kong Country game

Reality: Nothing. Because Nintendo doesn't give a dang about DonkeyKong.

I'm guessing Game and Watch is for the limited one. But if it isn't I'd so love a Game and Watch series like Gallery!


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