God of War dev joins Retro, working as an environment designer on Metroid Prime 4

Another big name joins the team

Retro has been adding countless high profile developers to their roster to help bring Metroid Prime 4 to life, and their latest grab certainly comes with an impressive resume.

Jon Marcella, who was a part of Sony Santa Monica for quite some time, has jumped ship over to Retro. Marcella previously worked on the most recent God of War title, as well as God of War: Ascension, but now he's turning his focus to Samus Aran. Marcella has taken on the job of environment designer for Metroid Prime 4.


Interesting that Marcella can be a surname. In Portuguese Marcela is a first name.

I'm glad it's someone from the recent God of War (my favorite Ps4 game). Let's just forget Ascension exists though

Thu Sep 24 20 12:18am
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@rawmeatcowboy: I appreciate you posting this man. Love news like this. Haven't read this anywhere else. Thanks for your coverage and work man. I check your site daily.

There for almost a decade too. Nintendo must have offered a lot of money since he’ll also have to move from Cali to Texas, two very different states.

Maybe eventually, but aren’t they working from home due to Covid-19 anyways?

I still want to know what retro was working on before this. They added some people before that sounded like they were making something good. I hope that didn’t get canceled to make room for this game.

Retro keeps hiring high profile devs but it feels like just as many keep leaving.

Tempted to start a pool with my friends on whether this guy exits the company before or after Metroid Prime 4 releases. (~_~)


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