Artist makes wood carvings of classic GameCube game boxes

Classic and classy

Nintendo has had some gorgeous cover art for their games over the years. Boxes that instantly flood the mind with memories of great gaming adventures. Those classic covers can now stand on their own as works of art, thanks to one dedicated fan.

A woodworking artist going by Pigminted has taken covers from games like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and turned them into wooden cases. The designs look even more striking in this style, and obviously a lot of attention to detail went into the carvings. If you'd like to grab these cases, or perhaps see what other gaming tributes Pigminted has cooked up, you can check out their Etsy store here.


These are absolutely awesome. I'm almost afraid to check out the prices though. Clicked the link, yep, they're pricey. Still, I'd love to own some of these.

The Wind Waker one is beautiful, even more so the back. The price is justified by the level of detail and skill needed to created these. It would be extra nice if they opened so you could display both sides of the amazing work easily.

I need these. I need these real bad.

Ok, but the real ones are much cheaper

Have you no appreciation for art? Philistine.

I do, and while these are gorgeous, they are more craft than art.

If it's something you can do yourself, it's a craft. If it isn't, it's art.


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