amiibo usage in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury detailed

Keep your amiibo at the ready

Today's been a big day for info on Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. We've seen new footage and learned more about the game's length, and now we have details on amiibo usage. See a breakdown of what amiibo do in both the main game and Bowser's Fury below.

Super Mario 3D World

- 99% of amiibo create random power-ups or a 1UP mushroom
- Cat Mario will trigger a White Cat Suit that makes you invincible
- Cat Peach will create a randomized power-up

Bowser's Fury

- 99% of amiibo create random power-ups or a 1UP mushroom
- using Bowser will immediately wake Fury Bowser
- using Bowser Jr. sends out a bunch of explosions

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So Cat Peach is the same as any other amiibo?

Why does Nintendo even bother with amiibo implementation anymore!? It has rarely ever been good and worthwhile. The figures make good shelf decoration though.

Wed Jan 27 21 11:58pm
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Because it justifies their worth? I recall that they got complaints that the Amiibo are useless and when they make it "useful" people complained that its a paywall gimmick. Who's to blame?

Amiibo itself is a harmless thing and is entirely optional so there's nothing wrong with that. Heck, what they just told now further proves that SLIGEACH was just wrong at that point of argument. I even bet that 1% of the 99% itself is optional and nothing great.


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