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First Press Games reveals Burning Rangers for the NES and Famicom

Looking for something new to play on the NES?
by rawmeatcowboy
28 January 2021
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The NES and Famicom still see love decades after their releases, and today's an example of that. First Press Games have announced that they're releasing Blazing Rangers for the NES and Famicom, and there are multiple physical options up for grabs. See details on those packages and the game itself below.

The German publisher First Press Games and Japanese game developer Karu_gamo announced their collaboration on a brand-new action-game for classic NES & FC hardware.

Blazing Rangers (HonĊ no Rangerman in Japan) is a newly-developed NES/FC game by karu_gamo, who is known for his previous projects Protect Me Knight and Gotta Protectors, as well as the former NES/FC release Amazon's Running Diet.

The game was developed with mapper0 restrictions, which were the earliest cartridge types for NES & FC!

Game Features

exciting & unique fire-fighting gameplay for all NES/FC
more than 32 challenging levels with many hidden secrets
a wide array of power-ups and enemies
two different game modes with strong changes to the game-play
2-player co-operative play, a partner can join the game at any time
randomly generated dangers, each play-through will challenge you in new ways

About the Game

Blazing Rangers is an original one-screen action game for the FC hardware, realized in the style of '80s arcade games.

The setting and goal is easily explained: You are a firefighter with the task to rescue all kids from a dangerous fire site.

Equipped with a water hose, you can choose between two characters and will fight an ever-growing wall of fire and a plethora of dangerous enemies to open up the way and save the children. It's also important not to dawdle around - they might get burned if you don't take some risks and hurry to their rescue!

The two main characters Popo and Mimi both have their unique strengths and own play-styles, which you can choose from on your own preference.

What seems like a simple task on paper can actually get quite complex in further execution: Fire and enemies can cut down the access to your water hose and the environment may be affected and destroyed by their heat and attacks, which could lead not only to unexpected new dangers but also to some lucky shortcuts!

Just like on a real fire site, many unpredictable situations may occur and no play-through is quite the same, which really challenges the player's skill to adapt to sudden changes of the situations!

Especially in 1P mode the game will be a true challenge! Too hard? No problem, because the whole game can be enjoyed as an awesome co-op 2P title, which makes the game a bit easier. If the teamwork is well-executed, that is! For those that prefer an especially speedy play-style, a second mode with potent changes to the gameplay is also available!

The unique fire-fighting gameplay and tight controls will excite any fan of 8bit action games - and with 32 challenging levels and a ton of secrets, Blazing Rangers is boasting with content. You can look forward to one of the finest new 8bit games of recent years!

About the Physical Release

The physical edition of Blazing Rangers is realized in three different region variants: North American, European and Japanese versions. Their release is scheduled to ship in Early Summer of 2021.

Each region variant of the game will come with an own designs which pays homage to different classic NES/FC packagings from the '80s of the region. Each is available as different options, a Regular Edition, a limited Collector's Edition with additional extras, or a combined Super Bundle, which houses both Editions.

The Pre-Orders for these will open on Saturday, 30 January 2021 at 12:00 (noon) CET / 6:00 AM EST.

Closer details about all options can be viewed in First Press Games webstore.

An exclusive Pre-Order Bonus is available for early adopters. The physical release is exclusively available from the First Press Games, with world-wide shipping available.

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