Full playthrough of the cancelled 2007 Xbox Live Arcade remake of GoldenEye surfaces

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At one point in time, RARE's N64 classic GoldenEye was getting a full-on remake. Then, because of business dealings and other behind-the-scenes negotiations, the project was dead in the water. The sad part is that the project itself was nearing completion. While it may have never seen a public release, those who work to preserve game history have come upon a content-complete build of the game.

If you want to see what the revamp would have looked like, you can't get any better than the video above. It's a full run-through of the game, showcasing all the missions you know and love. What a shame this one never made it to market.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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This is amazing, I really want to play it, it is an injustice this pioneer didn't get the remaster it deserved.

I'm just playing GoldeEye 007 for the first time, it's a real shane this didn't happen.

I'm going to believe this is the version that was supposedly intended to be included in Rare Replay.

It was going to be a standalone digital release on Xbox 360. If it wasn't cancelled, I'm sure it would have appeared in Rare Replay years later.


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