Arby's Kid's Meals now include Shovel Knight "Launcher Tokens" and Treasure Trove DLC codes

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We found out last week that Arby's was teaming with Yacht Club for some special Shovel Knight content in Kid's Meals, but we didn't actually know what the meals would include. Today we now have the full details.

As you can see above, the Kid's Meals will now come with one of seven different launcher tokens, which each one representing a different character in the series. That's not all, though. The Kid's Meals also include Treasure Trove DLC codes for the Switch version of the game!

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Guess I'm going to Arby's for the second time ever. Hopefully its just one DLC code and not 7.

Also what a disservice to Plague Knight

That's Doctor Knight to you buddy.

Mon Mar 01 21 09:28pm
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This is one of the most innovative fast food promotions I've seen to my recollection. I don't quite see myself going out of my way to Arby's to get the codes (or tokens) , but at least it offers something unique.


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