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I know you guys are very patiently waiting for GoNintendo's revamp to launch, and I thank you for that. Again, the plan is to have something launched by the year's end, which means there's still a long way to go. That said, I'm very surprised with just how many people have reached out about the site's upcoming returning. Plenty of supporters, both within the industry and fan-wise, have reached out help in any way possible. I've had countless phone calls and online discussions that have opened up all sorts of avenues. The plan for this month is to hone in on a vision and get cracking.

While you continue to wait, you can get a smattering of content from me via Tiktok. I've been putting out videos over there somewhat consistently, and they've been a lot of fun. Music trivia, history, details on upcoming launches, and more. Our most recent Tiktok is a review for No More Heroes 3, which you can see above. Tiktok certainly has its restrictions when it comes to time and viewing area, but working within those limits has been quite fun for me. Hopefully you enjoy what I've put together!

If you'd rather read a review than watch one, you can check out the script for the Tiktok review in its entirety below. Along with that, I'll be writing a more in-depth review of the game shortly. Hopefully this tidbit is tasty enough to tide you over!


The No More Heroes franchise might not be the biggest or most well-known among the general gaming public, but it certainly has a sizable fanbase. You don’t get to three mainline games and a spin-off without supporters. Those fans have been waiting over 10 long years to get a third numbered installment, and just recently, their day has come. Travis Touchdown is back, and he’s more of a troublemaker than ever.

No More Heroes 3 sees Travis pick up his trusty beam katana once more for another stroll through the garden of madness. Previous No More Heroes titles had Travis square off against would-be assassins to climb a ranking board, and that’s the name of the game in this third outing as well. The big difference is that this time, Travis is taking on assassins of an interdimensional variety. Instead of fighting humans in grueling battles, the assassin rankings are now filled with aliens from all over the universe.

While the sword fodder might be different, the action remains the same. No More Heroes 3 features combat that’s fast-paced, super-powered, and incredibly violent. Alien blood of all colors will paint the screen as you slice and dice, creating a Jackson Pollock-like battleground around you. Of course, Travis brings a bunch of his favorite wrestling moves with him as well. It wouldn’t be No More Heroes without a few brain-busters, suplexes, and backbreakers!

When you’re not spending your time saving the world, you can collect some funds by doing odd jobs. Travis may be an assassin first, but he also makes a great landscaper, garbageman, and more. Performing odd jobs around town earns Travis all sorts of goodies that are necessary for progression. Get money to enter ranked assassin fights, earn WESN to upgrade your abilities, and collect random trinkets that can be combined to create varied buffs.

Most of the components No More Heroes fans want and expect from a new installment are here, but there is one considerable change. All henchmen battles now take place in a limited selection of battle arenas, which means you’re no longer running around themed levels prior to assassin battles. Entering these battles is required, as they give you gems needed to open up the next assassin face-off. Losing sprawling stages definitely stings, but battles are now 60 frames per second, and the variety of enemies and their moves can make each match-up quite memorable.

No More Heroes has never been a franchise for everyone, and creator Suda51 has always been upfront about that. There’s tons of otaku humor, 4th wall breaking, outlandish scenarios, and over-the-top brawls. This is the stuff that leaves plenty scratching their heads, and that’s totally understandable. If you’re one who prefers more mainline trappings, No More Heroes 3 is a very hard sell. For longtime fans of Travis and his adventures, No More Heroes 3 cranks the vibe and atmosphere up to 11. You’re getting pure, unadulterated Travis here. It might not be the best entry in the series, but it’s certainly worth your time, and undoubtable earns its spot in the franchise.

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Glad to see some content directly on the site again.

Absolutely loved No More Heroes III and hope anyone that has any interest in the series plays it before it inevitably gets spoiled cause there are some really AMAZING moments in the game.

Good to hear your voice again RMC!! Sounds like you enjoyed this one. Thinking I might pass on NMH3 and play some catch-up on some other games before Oct when Metroid Dread and the other Fall/holiday games start hitting.

Also saving room for whatever gets announced in the Sept direct!

Warms my heart to see this post. Great write-up as always. Eagerly awaiting your return, and an even greater glory.

Glad to see some content directly on the site again.

Absolutely loved No More Heroes III and hope anyone that has any interest in the series plays it before it inevitably gets spoiled cause there are some really AMAZING moments in the game.

Great news, very happy to hear you are doing better and that the site is coming back in the near future. I've always loved the work you've done here on GoNintendo!

Looking forward to the future! While I have purposefully avoided downloading TikTok, I do click through the link on desktop when I see you've posted the link here or on twitter and give it a watch!

Fri Sep 03 21 01:43pm
Rating: 3

Love the content. Hate the platform. TikTok is garbage. gonintendo is the best!

Super glad to see content returning here RMC! I can't wait for the revamp of the site! =D

In terms of the review, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed No More Heroes 3. I picked it up but haven't had the time to play it yet as I need to finish Skyward Sword HD first. The fact that the game runs at 60FPS is really exciting to me as well. I honestly expected a locked 30 given how nice the game looks. I can't wait to play it myself and I really hope it got a sales boost from being on the Switch.

I definitely have to pick this up later this year. Good to know hardcore no more heroes fans will be right at home.

Picked up the Killion dollar trilogy, playing the game now. It's a fantastic game, I haven't finished it yet, but so far it feels better than NMH2, while not quite reaching the insanity of the original. Great stuff.

It's good to hear from you again RMC.

I'm replaying NMH1 and 2 first before I play NMH3. It's been years since I played them, so I just want to refresh them in my memory. Travis Strikes Again is still fresh in my mind at least!

Welcome back hope everything worked out for the best

I have kinda promised myself not to get more games in the near future because several reasons, but NMH3 is just a must. Love me some NMH. Maybe I'll try to finish TSA first though.... ANd then there's Kena coming soo. Me and my promises...

Nice to see you (partially) back, bearded brother. Damn curious to see what GN2 will be like =)


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