XSeed info dump - Winds of Nostalgio coming to North America (but not from XSeed), Fragile being looked into, and much more

All the answers you see are direct from XSeed…

Shiren 2 (Sega, DS)
- Sorry, not going to happen. We would surely lose money on Shiren 2 due to lack of interest at retail.

Knights in the Nightmare (Sting, DS) (I assume that this is Atlus’ territory though)
- You’re correct, Sting has some well-established partners already in the US so it will be up to them to decide to bring this title or not.

Winds of Nostalgio (Tecmo, DS)
- This is coming to the US, perhaps not by us but it will make it over.

Sky Crawlers (Namco, Wii)
- Seems like an interesting game, thanks for the suggestion. We’ll look into it.

Fragile (Namco, Wii)
- Seems interesting though we don’t know enough about it. We’ll keep an eye on it.

Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary (Sega, DS seems to be the preferred one, and please of course make it the fixed version!)
- We will not pursue this title. The “casual audience” this game caters to is not our strong point.

All Tales games
- We would love to work on any Tales games (especially the ones that have never made it to the US before in any form such as Rebirth and Destiny 2), but as you can imagine this is extremely difficult to license.

Regarding your other questions:

1. But is the Little King’s Story box art the final one, and is it the same as the not seen Japanese box artwork?
- No, we have not released the final box art to the public yet.
2. And is Rune Factory Frontier’s NA box final? Can’t you or MMV USA (who’s responcible for this?) to make it just like the JP box in placement, and then just add the sky?
- I don’t know what box art you’re talking about, but the US one will likely be similar to the Japanese.
3. One more thing? Are any of MMV’s upcoming Wii games that you’re bringing over have any NA-exclusive content, whether you can share that or not is fine.
- We always try for exclusive US content, but oftentimes it’s difficult due to scheduling issues. Nothing has been confirmed yet.


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