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BROK the InvestiGator has been updated to Version 1.3.2 on Nintendo Switch. Check out the patch notes for this update below.

Adds the following accessibility options:

  • Fully narrated via quality text-to-speech and audiodescriptions (characters, locations and scenes.)
  • Puzzles adapted for blindness.
  • All puzzles and fights can be skipped.
  • Adapted tutorials.
  • Buttons to repeat the last voice speech and instructions.
  • Positional audio for fights.
  • No online connectivity required (after the download).
  • No specific device required: play with keyboard or a controller.
  • Additional options: larger fonts and increased contrast (backgrounds and enemies.)
  • Disable screen shaking
  • Ask whether to skip the fight immediately when it starts

Have you been eagerly awaiting the next round of DLC for Fire Emblem Engage? If so, we’re happy to tell you that the final wave of content is just two weeks away! Is that engaging enough for ya?

Nintendo has confirmed that Fire Emblem Engage: Expansion Pass - Wave 4 is set to arrive on April 5th, 2023. Wave 4 is set to include new characters, locations, maps, added class types, and the Fell Xenologue story scenario. Check out the reveal trailer above.

For those who missed out, past waves included the following:

Wave 1

  • Emblem character – Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude
  • Emblem character – Tiki
  • In-game support items
  • In-game accessories
  • Silver card

Wave 2

  • Additional Emblem characters
  • In-game support items
  • New in-game accessories

Wave 3

  • Emblem character – Veronica
  • Emblem character – Chrom and Robin



Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Pokémon Masters EX, and Pokémon Café Remix, have all received a content update. Check out the full details for each game below via

Fire Emblem Heroes

  • [Events] The Final Round of the latest Grand Conquests event is now live (available until March 18th)
  • [Quests] A new set of Quests is now live: Grand Conquests (available until March 18th)
  • [Special Maps] As part of the latest set of Limited Hero Battles, the Grand Hero Battle feat. Xander (Paragon Knight) is now live (available until March 20th)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

  • [Update] The next software update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Ver. 5.3.2, is now available
  • [Cookies] A returning Fortune Cookie and related set of Stamp Trade rewards are now available: Shari’s cottage cookie (available until March 26th)
  • [Log-in Bonus] To celebrate the release of the latest update, all players can now claim the following as special Log-in Bonus: Leaf Ticket x20 (available until April 16th)

Pokémon Masters EX

  • [Events] The latest Blissful Bonanza has been updated with the following special battle featuring Happiny & Chansey (available until March 17th)
  • [Events] The latest Epic Battle Event: Legendary Gauntlet is now live. It features: Articuno, Latias, and Tapu Bulu (available until April 6th)
  • [Scout] The 5★-Select Type Scout is now live (available until April 6th)
  • [Scout] The following Sync Pairs are now available via Poké Fair Scout: Emmet & Archeops, Sygna Suit Cynthia & Kommo-o, Lysandre & Yveltal (available until April 6th)

Pokémon Café Remix

  • [Events] The latest One-Minute Cooking event is now live
  • [Events] The latest Five-Star Delivery event, featuring Pikachu (Flower Frame) is now live


Wondering how the Switch held up in Japan this week? Switch titles made up 7 of the top 10 best-selling software list. Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe took first place for the third week in a row. The Switch version of Koei Tecmo’s Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse debuted in fourth. Indie horror game Ib saw release, landing itself sixth place. Square Enix’s Octopath Traveler II has fallen down to tenth. As for the rest of the charts, it’s quite standard, with top-selling titles like Pokémon Scarlet/Violet, Splatoon 3, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe making their usual appearance.

As for hardware, Sony’s PlayStation 5 managed to take the top spot for the eighth week in a row. This is followed by the Switch OLED in second. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition placed in third, and the Switch and the Switch Lite took fourth and fifth place respectively.

Check out the full rundown for software and hardware for Mar. 6th to Mar. 12th, 2023 below!

Software Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

  1. [NSW] Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe – 32,132 (283,744)
  2. [NSW] Pokemon Scarlet / Pokemon Violet – 20,889 (4,929,287)
  3. [NSW] Splatoon 3 – 15,861 (3,934,627)
  4. [NSW] Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse – 10,712 (NEW)
  5. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 10,430 (5,194,090)
  6. [NSW] Ib – 9,080 (NEW)
  7. [PS4] Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse – 9,031 (NEW)
  8. [PS5] Hogwarts Legacy – 9,017 (148,552)
  9. [PS5] Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – 8,411 (38,543)
  10. [NSW] Octopath Traveler II – 7,739 (75,819)

Hardware Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

  1. PlayStation 5 – 51,510 (2,689,527)
  2. Switch OLED Model – 37,373 (4,035,179)
  3. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – 13,359 (432,454)
  4. Switch – 12,354 (19,221,323)
  5. Switch Lite – 10,174 (5,243,115)
  6. Xbox Series X – 2,729 (182,438)
  7. PlayStation 4 – 1,602 (7,859,428)
  8. Xbox Series S – 158 (250,599)
  9. New 2DS LL (including 2DS) – 97 (1,190,855)



The next batch of weekly releases for the Switch eShop is here! As usual, there’s a huge list of titles coming to the platform, with both small and large releases to pique your interest. Take a look at the full list for North America for the week of March 16th, 2023 below.

  • Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – Available March 17
  • Have a Nice Death – Available March 22
  • Air Battle
  • Alice Gear Aegis CS Concerto of Simulatrix
  • Amber City
  • Animals Names – Available March 20
  • Arcade Archives TURBO FORCE
  • Backbeat
  • Bitter-Sweet Cohabitation – ビタースイート – 家出少女とワケあり同棲生活 –
  • Blocky Farm
  • Cute And Creepy – Available March 17
  • Draw a Stickman EPIC 3
  • emoji Kart Racer
  • Fantasy Ball – Available March 18
  • Flame Keeper – Available March 17
  • FUR Squadron – Available March 17
  • FurryFury: Smash & Roll – Available March 20
  • Kung Fury: Street Rage – ULTIMATE EDITION – Available March 20
  • Link The Cubes
  • Loop
  • Loot Box Simulator – Heroes of the Dark Age
  • My Little Prince – A jigsaw puzzle tale
  • Off The Tracks – Available March 17
  • Peppa Pig: World Adventures – Available March 17
  • Puzzle by Nikoli S Masyu
  • Remnant: From the Ashes – Available March 21
  • Saint Maker – Available March 22
  • Sherlock Purr
  • Showtime: Vampire Diaries
  • Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL
  • Space Haters
  • Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers
  • Steal It
  • Tanky Tanks 2
  • The Guise – Available March 17
  • The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
  • The Three Little Pigs: Interactive Book
  • The Treflik Family – Available March 17
  • Unheard – Voices of Crime Edition – Available March 21
  • Unmatched: Digital Edition
[Nintendo PR]

Curious about what critics are saying about SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake? An accolades trailer has been released for the 3D-platformer Battle for Bikini Bottom spiritual successor, showing off quotes from many different respectable media outlets. Check out the latest trailer from developer Purple Lamp and publisher THQ Nordic above. SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is available now for Nintendo Switch.

[THQ Nordic]



Four more of the Pretty Girls puzzle games from developers eastasiasoft and ZOO Corporation are getting a physical collection in Europe via Funbox Media Ltd. Every copy will come with a free capacitive Switch stylus, branded with the company’s logos.

Pretty Girls Game Collection III will include: Pretty Girls Breakers!, Pretty Girls Rivers, Pretty Girls Speed, and Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold’em. All four games will be on one cartridge, with each title promised to be “enhanced with exclusive nude materials, amounting to dozens of new images direct from the Japanese creators that would otherwise not have been possible to release on console even in their home country.” As the release is rated PEGI 18, you can expect to see plenty of butts and boobs.

Priced at £29.99, pre-orders for Pretty Girls Game Collection III are available now from Funbox Media’s website, with a May 12th, 2023 release date. Amazon UK and other retailers will also offer the physical collection at a later date. International shipping is available. There is also a special offer; for every copy of Pretty Girls Game Collection III purchased, you’re able to get a copy of another Pretty Girls Game Collection at half price.



Astroneer has been updated to Version 1.27.301.0 on Nintendo Switch. Check out the full patch notes below.

  • AS-18853 ǀ When the LTE is no longer active, the game won’t crash if a printer had an LTE item selected, and there was a platform within the printer’s output area that did not have an open slot for the printed item.
  • AS-18866 ǀ When T2 carrying an item while using the gamepad, the player is now able to proximity select the held item
  • AS-18857 ǀ Rail cars now have slot rules turned off when leaving a Rail Station in the same direction as the car’s arrival
  • AS-18862 ǀ Revised ‘Align’ minigame to address player confusion
  • AS-18856 ǀ The Trade Platform now automatically pulls (or pushes) scrap, Astronium, or Fault Finders
  • AS-18867 ǀ Active Fault Finder minigame can now be canceled
  • AS-18861 ǀ Research Chamber now auto pulls Researchable Items acquired from Rails Missions
  • AS-18850 ǀ Full audio/song now plays when Curious Object/ Skybreaker is used during the Firewall mission
  • AS-18865 ǀ Some mission rewards have been tweaked to no longer be confusing or cause issues for players
  • AS-18858 ǀ The Red/default firework is no longer missing from the Trade Platform

Dedicated Servers/Multiplayer:

  • AS-18105 ǀ Host’s performance should no longer be severely degraded when a client joins when certain Rail Missions are active
  • AS-18819 ǀ Player can now crack the data log and mission log in the Sun Room
  • AS-18898 ǀ Button on Sun Room Data Log now works after loading a save
  • AS-18877 ǀ Attempting to reclaim key mission items in Sun Room will no longer fail
  • AS-18852 ǀ Mission reward items can now be claimed in the Sun Room in situations they previously could not


  • AS-18918 ǀ Depots and You description text is no longer missing Portuguese translation
  • AS-18854 ǀ When in French, the ‘My Crew’ description now shows the correct translation
  • AS-18910 ǀ Several Rails-related logs and descriptions are no longer missing translations


As of today, The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure is available for Nintendo Switch in the west. Developer Nihon Falcom and publisher NIS America has now released a launch trailer for the game to mark the occasion, which you can check out above. Details and screenshots can be found via the eShop page here. The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure is priced at $39.99 USD with a 5.5 GB file size.

Following the events of Trails from Zero, the Special Support Section find themselves with new members and new duties. However, rising tensions in Crossbell along with pressure from two neighboring political powers threaten both the safety of their home, as well as the integrity of their team.

[NIS America]

Bandai Namco has released a teaser trailer for DRAGON BALL Xenoverse 2, detailing an upcoming free update and the “Hero of Justice Pack 2” paid DLC. The free update will include Cell Max from the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero as a Raid Boss. There is still no proper release date for the upcoming paid DLC, but it’s apparently “coming soon.” Check out the latest trailer above.


The review embargo on Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is up, and coverage has flooded the web. Want to get a closer look at the action-adventure in action? You can check out video reviews and gameplay below! Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon launches for Nintendo Switch on March 17th, 2023.


Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Pokémon Masters EX have all received a content update. Check out the full details for each game below via

Fire Emblem Heroes

  • [Events] The latest Tempest Trials+ event, True Luxury?, has been updated with the following: story elements that feature Special Heroes chatting (available until March 17th)
  • [Coliseum] Season 143 of Resonant Battles is now live. The bonus titles are: Fire Emblem Heroes and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (available until March 21st)
  • [Coliseum] The latest Season of the Arena is now live. It features the following Heroes: Robin (Exalt’s Other Half), Karla (Spring Reveries), Triandra (Sunlit Nightmare), Bernadetta (Late Hibernator), Ashe (Budding Chivalry), Michalis (Fruiting Ambition), Gonzales (Kindly Bandit), Selkie (New Year’s Spirit), Roy (Young Lion), Anna (Commander) (available until March 21st)
  • [Coliseum] Season 31 of Arena Assault+ is now live (available until March 21st)
  • [Coliseum] Season 33 of Summoner Duels is now live. The Captain Skills for this Season are: Flash of Steel, Headlong Rush and Adroit Captain. Starting with this Season, you can increase your Favour Level to Level 2,900 (available until March 28th)
  • [Events] Round 2 of the latest Grand Conquests event is now live (available until March 16th)
  • [Quests] A new set of Quests is now live: Grand Conquests (available until March 16th)
  • [Special Maps] As part of the latest set of Limited Hero Battles, the Bound Hero Battle feat. Flavia & Basilio is now live (available until March 20th)
  • [Aether Keeps] Season 215 of Aether Raids is now live (available until March 21st)

Bonus Heroes (HP+10, Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 + Lift+20 and Double EXP and SP if you win a battle): Goth (White Sage), Hel (Death Sovereign), Elincia (Devoted Queen), Geoffrey (Realm’s Protector), Lucia (Tireless Advisor), Bastian (Crimea’s Keystone), Ludveck (Rebellious Duke), Azura (Young Songstress), Robin (Fell Vessel), and Sharena (Princess of Askr)

Bonus Structures (Level +1): Bolt Tower (O, D)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

  • [Crafting] The following is now available via Reissue Crafting: Shamrock Memories, denim, Spring Boutique (available until March 28th)

Pokémon Masters EX

  • [Events] The latest Solo Event, Special Day with the Guys, is now live (available until March 31st)
  • [Missions] A new set of Event Missions is now live: Special Day with the Guys (available until March 31st)
  • [Log-in Bonus] A new set of Daily Log-in Bonuses is now live (available until March 31st)
  • [Store] The following is now available in the Store: March event gem special 1 to 4 (available until March 23rd)
  • [Scout] The following Sync Pairs are now available via Poké Fair Scout: Raihan (Anniversary 2022) & Flygon, Red & Snorlax, Lucas & Dialga (available until March 31st)


A major new update has gone live for Streets of Rage 4 on Nintendo Switch, adding new co-op moves, a custom survival mode to the Mr. X Nightmare DLC, and over 300 in-game improvements. To celebrate the launch of the update, Streets of Rage 4 (and its paid DLC) is 50% off on the Nintendo eShop until March 23rd, 2023.

Patch notes:


  • Added some destroyable to help to maintain the combo counter

Combo counter:

  • Added a half second to disappear
  • Stage transitions have a bonus time to not break the combo counter

Added Custom Survival Mode:

  • Players can tweak his/her survival experience with a variety of options.

Mania +:

  • Added Cursed arcades in Mania+ difficulty.
  • Added special reinforcements during boss battles.
  • Added One life.
  • The score to get an extra life is higher in the arcade mode.

Added coop attack:

  • Hold ‘Pick up’ and grab your partner to throw him.
  • Airborne player can press a special button to perform a unique attack.

All characters:

Lots of reduced hit stop All charged attacks and normal combo last hits can hit multiple enemies after the first active frames even if an enemy is hit Fixed a bug where some wall bounces could do no damage Increased stun on air-down attacks Throws will hit the other enemies close to the player with more consistency


Axel Stone (SOR4)

  • Air down attack has a slightly bigger hitbox.
  • Dragon crush has a bigger hitbox.
  • Dragon crush added air control.
  • Dragon crush travels farther.
  • Dragon crush launches higher.
  • Dragon crush leaves a fire area on the landing.
  • Dragon bites better recover.
  • Dragon bite life cost reduced.
  • Dragon bite damage increased.
  • Dragon bite has more active frames.
  • Dragon bite has less freeze.
  • Grand upper increased invincibility time.
  • Grand upper does more damage.
  • Grand upper hits can hit multiple enemies.
  • Dragon dive last hit improved hitbox.
  • Dragon dive can turn for the last hit.
  • Dragon dive has longer active frames.
  • Dragon dive has less freeze.
  • Dragon Upper has slight air control, a better hitbox, hits off the ground, recovery is invincible, and less freeze.
  • Dragon burst’s tornado has a bigger hitbox.
  • Charge attack recovers faster.
  • Last combo kick recovers faster and the hitbox stays active longer after impact.
  • Default defensive special has more depth.

Blaze Fielding (SOR4):

  • Hienzan ignores weight.
  • Hienzan life cost reduced.
  • Rekkaken has 2 more invincible frames.
  • Rekkaken juggle properties reworked (fewer infinite).
  • Rekkaken does less damage.
  • Shin Hishousouzan ignores weight.
  • Shin Hishousouzan recovery time was reduced.
  • Shin Hishousouzan better hitbox and depth.
  • Shin Hishousouzan life cost was reduced.
  • Shin Hishousouzan hitstop time reduced.
  • Uraken Uchi damage buff.
  • Uraken Uchi longer active frames.
  • Uraken Uchi life cost reduced.
  • Uraken Uchi has better range and depth.
  • Shin kikoushou has better damage and depth.
  • Back attack hitbox extended upward.

Cherry Hunter (SOR4):

  • Soundcheck hits sooner
  • Special stage effects don’t knock down on the first hit
  • Special stage effects first hit has a small ground bounce
  • Sommersault life cost reduced
  • Sommersault is now fully invincible
  • Sommersault has a deeper hitbox
  • Both blitzes can be canceled by air special
  • Cherry is now more vulnerable when on top of an enemy
  • Default air special does more damage
  • Alt air special damage rescaled (actual hit does more damage and fire pool does less damage)

Floyd Iraia (SOR4):

  • Walk speed increased.
  • Harder for enemies to escape Floyd’s throws and throw combos.
  • jab range increased.
  • Combo damage increased.
  • Combo’s last punch launches higher and farther with better wall-bounce, and better recovery.
  • Charge attack damage increased.
  • Charge attack launches higher and farther with better wall bounce.
  • Charge attack has armor properties.
  • Charge attack better recovery.
  • Power slide added hit on the way down.
  • Power slide launches higher and closer to Floyd.
  • Throw bounce higher.
  • Throw wall bounce damage increased.
  • Throw hits the enemy at close range.
  • Throws do more damage.
  • Double-throw launches closer to Floyd.
  • Double-throw has a larger hitbox.
  • Double-throw breaks armor and invincibility.
  • Grab special launches higher.
  • Grab third punch slams the enemy on the ground.
  • Gatling punch is not invincible if whiffed.
  • More damage on the star move-back hit.
  • Alt defensive do not heal with bloodthirst.
  • Default blitz has some invincibility at the beginning.

Adam Hunter (SOR4):

  • Fixed a bug where you could do an air special with no life cost.
  • Alternate star move last hitbox is taller.
  • Last combo kick now has body-hit properties.
  • Specials cost reduced.
  • Added jump cancel after combo 3rd hit.
  • Extended combo 3rd hit hitbox toward body.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t perform special forward while grabbing from behind.
  • Added wall bounce damage on Howl Fang’s 2nd hit.
  • Split fang ignores weight.
  • Split fang wall bounces higher.
  • Sword upper recovers faster.
  • Sword upper has less freeze.
  • Blitz hits OTG.
  • Blitz has a bigger hitbox.
  • Default air special is invincible and has a lower hitbox.
  • Default air special costs less.
  • Alt offensive special last hit has more depth.
  • Alt defensive more active frames, depth, and can hit multiple enemies.
  • Throws lower.
  • Charge attack has more depth.

Estel Aguirre (SOR4):

  • Combo damage increased.
  • Combo adjusted so it doesn’t loop into itself.
  • Combo third punch pushes less and stuns more.
  • Combo 5th hit wall damage increased.
  • Charge attack cannot be linked with itself.
  • Charge attack damage buffed.
  • Charge attack can be canceled by a special move.
  • Back attack damage increased.
  • Boot mark damage increased.
  • Flying scythe damage increased.
  • Sucker punch damage increased.
  • Added FX to flying scythe.
  • Neutral jump attack better hitbox.
  • Grab neutral attack damage increased, better wall bounce, better recovery, longer active frames, and bigger hitbox.
  • Flashbang bigger hitbox, longer stun, and more active frames.
  • Air Flashbang stun duration increased, life cost decreased, added slight air control.
  • Fire grenade has a larger hitbox, launches higher, and added wall bounce.
  • Air Fire grenade damage increased, life cost decreased, added slight air control.
  • Surgical strike better hitbox, better juggle, spawned knife last longer.
  • Police tackle invincibility/duration increased and damage increased.
  • Police tackle aoe punch is the same for both few hits and several hits variation.
  • Player Estel’s police call has blue cross airs.
  • Heel kick has more range.
  • Default blitz has less freeze.
  • Police call longer invincibility.
  • Alt air special does more damage.

Shiva (SOR4):

  • Final crash is faster, does more damage, and has less recovery, launch properties reworked.
  • Flying kick does less damage, has less invincibility, and has more recovery.
  • Spirit Palm has less invincibility and more recovery.
  • Back attack can be followed by a launching kick.
  • Air Senretsu ken has more recovery on the ground.
  • Alternate defensive special now launch standing enemies and has better OTG launch.
  • Shiva clone special moves do not heal with bloodthirst (Clone star move still does).
  • Default air down special has a larger and higher hitbox, and launches higher.

Max Thunder (SOR4):

  • Fixed the last hit of combo hitting twice, now has a proper ground slam.
  • Charge attack bigger hitbox.
  • Back attack infinite juggle fixed.
  • Vortex vacuum costs more health and vacuums less.
  • Spinning knuckle bomb lasts longer (additional hits), travels farther, and is more juggle-friendly.
  • Air thunder strike strikes 3 times in a line.
  • Default air special has better air control and a better hitbox.
  • Max Iron will end is more noticeable.
  • Max has 20% damage and speed increase under Iron Will star move.
  • Body Slam has better air control and recovery.
  • Clothes line has body hit.
  • Power slide, Spinning Knuckle Bomb, Thunder Tackle less hit stop.
  • Rolling grab deals low damage on its path, less invincibility.


All SOR1 characters:

Added many wall bounces. Invincibility lasts longer after a cop attack. Cop attack hits the full screen. Cop attack damage increased. Adjusted move properties for more combos. Faster jump start. Added Charge attack. Charge attacks have short invincibility. Last combo hit and charge attack hitbox remains active after hitting so it can hit multiple enemies during active frames.

SOR1 Adam:

*Pummel elbow bounces enemy. *Alternative star move launches higher, bounces the enemy, and does more damage. *Back attack improved invincibility and hitbox. *Combo’s last hit and Charge attack better hitbox.

SOR1 Blaze:

*Back attack added body hit properties. *Back attack improved hitbox. *Alternative star moves better hitbox. *Jump kick is faster.


  • Combo’s last hit and Charge attack better hitbox.
  • Air attack improved hitbox.
  • Air attack slams on the ground.
  • Charged attack slams on the ground.


SOR2 Axel:

  • Alternative star move always sends flying forward.
  • Faster walk speed.
  • Headbutt is now invincible.
  • Dragon Dash Blow does more damage.
  • Spinning Dragon Upper has less recovery.
  • Spinning Dragon Upper better wall bounce.
  • Dragon smash’s last hit is invincible and has a better hitbox.
  • Spinning kick juggles better.
  • Dragon blow life cost reduced.
  • Jumping kick is faster and has a better hitbox.
  • Star move wall bounce only on the last hit.
  • Default offensive has better juggle properties.
  • Default star move has less recovery.
  • Alt defensive has more depth.
  • Alt Star move not being invincible to bottles and other star moves fixed.

SOR2 Blaze:

  • Back attack removed ground slam.
  • Blitz added one hit on the way up and slam the property to the last hit.
  • Blitz travels farther.
  • Blitz removed the wall bounce.
  • Alternate blitz better hitbox.
  • Alternate defensive special better hitbox and can hit multiple enemies.
  • Aerial grab added air control, damage rescaled, and bounces off enemies infinitely.
  • Kikou shou is faster and has an improved hitbox.
  • Slam throw slams opponent for real.
  • Alternate star move gives 2 seconds of invincibility.

SOR2 Max:

  • Throws do more damage.
  • Sliding tackle freeze time is reduced and slides farther.
  • Power chop damage increased and has less recovery.
  • Rolling grab is invincible during the rolling part.
  • Chokehold is now cancellable by special moves and blitz.
  • Spinning knuckle bomb has more depth.
  • Alternate defensive special does more damage, costs less HP but launches lower when it hits an airborne enemy.

SOR2 Skate:

  • Breakdance launches higher.
  • Back pummel reduced hit stop.
  • Back pummel can be interrupted by a jump. *Jump down attack can be followed up with a Jump kick.
  • Combo stuns more and does more damage.
  • Last combo hit launches closer to Skate.
  • Neutral grab attack launches closer to Skate.
  • Front pummel does more damage.
  • Charge attack does more damage.
  • Jab range increased.
  • Sommersault has better consistency in hitting both hits and improved hitboxes.
  • Cannonball does more damage and added air control.
  • Inline rush can be canceled sooner.
  • Vault throw launches farther, better wall bounce.
  • Jumping kick is faster and has a better hitbox.


All SOR3 characters:

  • All SOR3 characters (except Roo) jump higher.

SOR3 Axel:

  • Charge attack does more damage.
  • Scissor Kicks better launch, improved hitbox, travels farther.
  • Improved recovery on Star moves.
  • Spinning body blow can hit off the ground, reworked juggle speed, added wall bounce.
  • Spinning body smash launches higher and closer to Axel, and does more damage.
  • Alternate Star move launches 3 projectiles with longer freeze and spawns a katana.
  • Dragon punch does more damage, improved hitbox and depth, and better launch properties.
  • Grab headbutt is invincible.
  • Better depth on dodge roll.

SOR3 Blaze:

  • Chou reppa dan does more damage, improved launch, faster, added wall bounce.
  • Energy burst faster recovery and does more damage.
  • Alternative star move improved hitbox and launch properties.
  • Jumping kick is faster and has a better hitbox.
  • Alt blitz has less invincibility at the end.
  • Improved damage on default blitz and forward special.
  • Alternate forward special does more damage and ignores weight.
  • Better depth on dodge roll.

SOR3 Skate:

  • Ground Roll blitz reworked - now it goes farther, oscillates, and hits only once.
  • Flying headbutt first hit relaunches higher and closer to Skate.
  • Spinning attack launches away from Skate, fixed wall bounce bug.
  • Skating fist fury hits multiple times and direction can be controlled, does more damage overall, and only has invincible frames for half the duration of the move.
  • Flash kick does more damage and launches higher.
  • Vault throw launches farther, does more damage, added wall bounce.
  • Better depth on dodge roll.

SOR3 Zan:

  • Alternate blitz improved travel distance and launch.
  • Alternative offensive special reworked and added air control.
  • Alternative defensive special now hits during energy ball spawn, Spawned Energy ball does more damage.
  • The jumping attack is faster and has a better hitbox.
  • Default blitz travels farther and has better recovery.

SOR3 Shiva:

  • Alternate Star move does more damage, the target is invincible during the move, and the last hitbox is bigger.
  • Alternate blitz does more damage, faster startup, and recovery, hitbox depth improved, launches higher, and can be done three times in a row by pressing the attack button.
  • Alternate neutral special launches higher and closer to Shiva, hitbox improved, does more damage, added air control.
  • Alternate forward special improved launch, does more damage.
  • Default forward special improved hitbox toward the back of the character.
  • Final crash does more damage.
  • Combo does more damage.
  • Default blitz less freeze and more invincibility.

SOR3 Roo:

  • Offensive special juggles better.
  • Alternate offensive special does more damage, bounces enemies, and can be canceled into an air version that has slight air control.
  • Default air special does more damage, added air control, bounces enemies, and better hit consistency.
  • Earthquake startup is faster, last hit launches higher.
  • Jab infinite nerfed.
  • Spawned Bruce has the same palette as Roo.
  • Roo’s vault is no longer invincible.
  • Roo default offensive special wall bounce only on the last hit.
  • Default blitz and offensive special drag enemies.
  • Last pummel hit is invincible.
  • Alt-defensive has better active frames and hitbox depth.
  • Bruce spawn has more life and better invincibility on the hop.



  • Removed armor during wake-up.

Z and Z elite:

  • Master more weapons.

Cherry boss:

  • Star move starts up slower . Signal:

  • Signal enemies now scream before their slide and throw.


  • Slight damage buff.

Survival buffs:

  • Glass cannon reduces defense by 60% instead of 100%.
  • Charged buffs are stronger.
  • Full of yourself is stronger.
  • Sharpen tool is stronger.
  • Allied Gold is stronger.
  • Allied Donovan masters more weapons.
  • Allied Galsia does the correct amount of damage with golden weapons.
  • Allied Cop has more life and his throw cannot be escaped.
  • Allied Mr. Y starts in an angry state and can juggle enemies with bullets.
  • Allied Stiletto attacks faster.
  • Allied Condor has more health, blocks less, and added wall bounce on hits.
  • Allied Sugar is armor during her headbutt preparation and has improved wall bounce.
  • Allied Steffie has a faster grenade throw rate (and the first grenade spawns instantly).
  • More healing pick-ups in survival mode at higher levels (so bloodthirst is not mandatory to reach high levels anymore).


  • Flames from fire buff are different from regular flames.
  • Elemental effects in survival are toned down.
  • Ball hazard reworked and re-tweaked always launches in the same direction as the ball’s momentum.
  • Ball damage reduced for small hits.
  • Reduced Hole fall damage
  • Weapon throws are invincible and special cancelable.
  • Zan, Shiva 3&4, Roo can now activate bonus levels.
  • Improved Durian’s hitbox
  • Shorter transition time going out of bonus stage 2: Stage 4 full combo is easier.
  • Shorter transition time going out of bonus stage 3: Stage 5 full combo is easier.
  • Shorter transition time going out of bonus stage 4: Stage 8 full combo is easier.
  • Smaller hitbox on fire and steam geyser.
  • Added hidden weapon in stage 6 tower first floor.
  • Big Chinese sword has more durability.
  • Dick enemy has less life.
  • Barney enemy has less life.
  • More heal pickup in Stage 3
  • Ruby has less life.
  • You need more scores to gain an extra life in mania plus.
  • Can follow up a special move by a neutral jump without frame loss.

LEGO has announced new Super Mario sets during their MAR10 Day celebration live-stream. Check out all the details on everything that was revealed below, including LEGO Donkey Kong and a Dry Bowser Castle Battle Expansion, or watch the full celebration video above.

Dry Bowser Castle Battle Expansion

  • Release date: August 1st, 2023
  • Price: $109.99 USD
  • Pieces: 1321

Create a fantastic LEGO brick version of an iconic location in the Super Mario universe with the Dry Bowser Castle Battle Expansion Set (71423). Players can explore the castle with their interactive LEGO Peach, LEGO Mario or LEGO Luigi figure (not included). It features an opening Bowser-jaw-shaped entrance, a crane to rescue the Purple Toad from the trap and topple Dry Bowser, flippers to defeat the Bone Piranha Plant and Bone Goomba, a Magmaargh attack function, gym, secret entrance, secret strategy room, Key Block and a Treasure Chest Block. Note: the 71360, 71387 or 71403 Starter Course is needed for interactive play.

LEGO Donkey Kong

  • Release date: Summer 2023
  • Price: TBA


During the Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct that aired on March 9th, Nintendo announced that a replica of Mario’s boots from the movie would be on display today at the Nintendo NYC store in Rockefeller Center. We’ve now received more details about the shoes, including the manufacturer that was in charge of the project. Red Wing Shoes has released a video on their website showing the intricate craftsmanship of the “pixel-for-stitch” recreation of Mario’s boots.