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Nintendo continues to promote Summer activities with their games and this time is no different. In this new Nintendo Switch Summer 2024 commercial, you can see how a family happily shares their vacation time enjoying some games like Super Mario Wonder and the newly released Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition.

What games will you be enjoying during your free time? Let us know below!

Skeleton Crew Studio and Devolver Digital have announced a new game that’s coming to Switch called Forestrike, a tactical kung fu game where repetition is the key to success.

In Forestrike you play as a martial artist, named Yu, and you embark on a journey across the country to free the Emperor from an evil Admiral’s influence. Adopting techniques from one of five unique Masters, each battle presents a puzzle that must be solved using your mind as well as your fists.

Yu encounters many foes on his path to the capital, and he is always outnumbered, but he has a secret weapon: the Foresight, a meditative technique that allows him to mentally perceive fights over and over until he finds a sequence of movements that allows him to overcome the odds.

Once ready, our hero must fight in reality, where losing means starting everything over, but progress is permanent. Winning doesn’t always mean he will emerge from each encounter unscathed, but the further he travels, the stronger he will become.

No release date has been announced as of now, but we do know it’s coming on 2025. We’ll have to wait and see for more information on the game.

Ho-Oh now available in Pokémon UNITE

The happiest I've ever been

19 July 2024
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Today, the Pokémon Company International announced that exciting in-game events and activities are now available to mark the third anniversary of Pokémon UNITE on both Nintendo Switch™ systems and mobile devices.

Fan-favorite Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh makes its Pokémon UNITE debut today as a ranged Defender. Ho-Oh’s exciting Ability, Regenerator, allows it to gradually recover HP if it does not take damage from Pokémon on the opposing team for a set amount of time.

Ho-Oh’s moves will keep players on their toes the entire match, and its Unite Move, Rekindling Flame, allows it to spread its wings wide and consume all the Aeos energy in its possession to revive knocked-out allied Pokémon. The more Aeos energy Ho-Oh consumes, the more ally Pokémon are revived and returned to battle.

Time-Limited Events to Celebrate Three Years of Pokémon UNITE

Trainers can take part in a host of thrilling activities to celebrate three years of Pokémon UNITE, including:

Ho-Oh Commemorative Event (From July 19 at 00:00 UTC to August 11 at 23:59 UTC) – Trainers can obtain one free die each day during the event period. Roll the die to advance a number of spaces on a game board, then complete the corresponding mission on space you land on to be able to roll another die. Trainers who collect 1000 Divine Forest coins can exchange these coins for Ho-Oh’s Unite license!

Panic Parade Revival (From July 19 at 00:00 UTC to September 4 at 23:59 UTC) – The thrilling tower-defense game mode returns! Protect Tinkaton from an onslaught of attacks from advancing wild Pokémon. Some Pokémon can even be called back to provide a quick burst of help to turn the tide of battle!

Charizard Unite License Distribution (From July 19 at 00:00 UTC to September 2 at 23:59 UTC) – Trainers can obtain either a Charizard-themed hat fashion item, Charizard’s Unite license, or 100 Aeos coins the first time they log in during the event period. Only one of these three choices can be obtained per account log-in during the event period.

New Battle Pass (From July 21 at 00:00 UTC to September 4 23:59 UTC) – This latest Battle Pass is themed around black flames. Trainers can celebrate Pokémon UNITE’s anniversary in style and obtain the regal Dark Lord Style: Charizard holowear by purchasing the premium pass and levelling up.


Abylight Studio’s 2D runner Ninja Chowdown: Glaze of Glory is out now on Switch!

Prepare to meet Donatsu, the chubby ninja and join him in his battle against the evil food clans through 35 action packed levels to reclaim the Know-nut, the donut of infinite wisdom.

You can get Ninja Chowdown: Glaze of Glory for $8.99 (normally $9.99) on the Nintendo eShop here.


Nintendo has announced that the Famicom controllers for Switch are now available for anyone to purchase, while before they were exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online members.

The official Nintendo Store in Japan lists these controllers for 6,578 yen (around $42 USD) and one person can buy up to four of them (or two sets).

If you’d like to see them for yourself or get them, you can go here.


The Japanese exclusive Nintendo Magazine is now available for both English and Japanese speakers. This is the Summer 2024 edition and it includes information on various currently released titles like Luigi’s Mansion, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Splatoon 3, and more!

You can read the fully translated digital version here.

Please do note that this magazine is intended for Japanese audiences, which means that product information and dates may differ from those in other regions.


The latest RPG game from KEMCO, Ancient Phantasma, is almost here and you can now pre-order it at a discount! If you decide to buy it right now ahead of the release, you’ll get 10% off and you can do so by following this link.

Ancient Phantasma will be released on July 18th, 2024.


Discover Sandoria, a realm born from the bravery of heroes Sage Roberts and Sir Sayles, who defeated the Demon King centuries ago. As Dean, the young Lord of Sayles, your adventure begins with a quest to defend your people from ruthless bandits. Join forces with the steadfast knight Flei and the determined messenger Krucia to confront a looming threat that endangers the entire kingdom.

Master the innovative Multi-Attack and Accel systems to execute powerful combos and strategic moves. Equip Skill Gems and Skill Plates to customize your characters’ abilities, and manage shared resources like Skill Points and Limit Points for devastating Secret Techniques. Explore an expanding world map, interact with diverse characters, and uncover hidden secrets that shape the fate of Sandoria.

Will you protect your homeland and emerge as the hero of this epic saga?

[Press Release]


Summer vacation is right around the corner and Nintendo knows it. This is why Nintendo and Mario fans in Japan can now grab some new merch specifically made for your Summer vacation.

There are a total of 12 items and some of items included are: Storage pouch set, Passport cover, Suitcase belt, Sacoche bag, towels and pouches, and more.

Take a look below for the full list of items.


Some new Pokémon plushies are coming to the Pokémon Center in Japan. These new plushies are modeled after the creatures in Pokémon Sleep and they will be released on July 20th, 2024. The Pokémon included are Snorlax, Gengar, Eevee, and Larvitar.

This release comes in collaboration with an event between Pokémon Sleep and the Pokémon Center. From July 15th to July 31st, 2024, players showing their Pokémon Sleep app at Pokémon Centers in Japan can receive a “sleeping face sticker” or have their picture taken. Online orders during this period will be shipped in Pokémon Sleep-themed boxes.

Three new titles are joining the GBA line-up for Nintendo Switch Online members: Densetsu no Starfy 1, 2, and 3!

These three games are available now for members of the online service. Please note the these games are not translated to English.

Dive into a trio of colorful action games starring Starfy, the legendary star-shaped hero, in Densetsu no Starfy, Densetsu no Starfy 2 and Densetsu no Starfy 3. Previously only available in Japan, these titles are joining the Game Boy™ Advance – Nintendo Switch Online library, and are available for all Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members to play starting today!

Densetsu is the Japanese word for legend, and Starfy – Prince of Pufftop Kingdom, golden-hearted (and slightly clumsy) hero and frequent aquatic explorer – is ready to show you what makes him so legendary! Join Starfy, his sister Starly and his gruff best friend Moe for a swimmingly slapstick trilogy of games full of vibrant action and adventure, all originally available on the Game Boy Advance system:

Densetsu no Starfy – No sleep ’til Pufftop! A sudden storm has caused Starfy, prince of the floating sky kingdom Pufftop, to plummet from his lofty home into the sea below. Luckily, he is rescued by an old lobster named Lobber who sets the adorable hero on a grand journey back to Pufftop. The way home is full of dangers, though, and Starfy will need to employ a variety of abilities – including Star Spin and Glide – and vehicles like the mighty Mole Tank, to overcome the challenges that await. The legend begins here!

Densetsu no Starfy 2– Help Starfy save his mother and bring peace back to Pufftop Kingdom in this action-packed sequel! Ogura – the villain of the first game – is back to seek vengeance against Starfy, and this time he has Mama Star in his sights. The revenge-driven ruffian ransacks Pufftop and steals away Starfy’s mother in the ensuing kerfuffle, leaving Starfy no choice but to dive head-first into his next adventure. With his best friend Moe in tow and challenges aplenty to face, Starfy has his work cut out for him.

Densetsu no Starfy 3 – Starfy’s sister Starly joins him and Moe for their third adventure on Game Boy Advance! Discover the truth behind the mysterious villain that’s been pulling Ogura’s strings all this time and put a stop to their nefarious plans once and for all. Spin and float with the starry siblings and save the day across action-filled stages with the help of familiar friends, including … Wario?! You read that right: Wario crosses paths with Starfy and Starly to help them through the Undersea Ruins in Stage 8 (while hunting for treasure, of course), so be sure to check it out. Go, Starfy and Starly, go!

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Two new events are now available for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet players: Mighty Pikachu Tera Raid Battle Event and a Mass Outbreak Event.

For the Tera Raid Battle Event, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trainers can look forward 7-Star Tera Raid Battle. This event will feature a battle against Pikachu with the Water Tera Type and the Mightiest Mark. Please note that Pikachu can only be caught once per save file. Fore more details you can go to Serebii here.

For the Mass Outbreak Event, the Pokémon featured will be Pichu, Pikachu, Mimikyu, Raichu and Alolan Raichu. For more details, you can go to Serebii here.

Both event will run until July 25th, 23:59 UTC.


A brand new update is now here for Spirit of the Island! This update adds new free content to the Switch version and aims to unify the experience for players across all platforms.

Below we have the specific patch notes for the Switch and consoles versions:

Patch notes


  • Fixed various errors in coop mode;
  • By merging the version, we’ve reduced the size of the game by half! Meaning that the install size will be ~3GB.
  • Fixed various problems with controllers;
  • Fixed an old bug with marriage;
  • We’ve added drag and drop system for PC version! Now you can manage your inventories more conveniently;
  • We’ve also optimised the game to load faster;
  • We’ve changed the Host-Second player interaction the New Story coop mode: now, only the host can finish the active quests. Second player can still interact with all NPCs and do everything else. This was done to ensure maximum compatibility and stability of the gameplay in New Story.
  • Fixed rare issue, when achievements didn’t unlock for some players;
  • Fixed a very rare issue, when host’s and second players save files were swapped.

More fixes for PC version will come soon after the Mobile release, probably in about two weeks from the date.

PC and Console versions are now exactly the same, so there is no launch option for a legacy one now. You just need to launch the game, select region and play!


  • Added the new story
  • This update also adds Adventureland and Beach Resort DLCs with all of their content for free!
  • All above fixes for achievements, controllers and other issues.

A free update is now available for Smushi Come Home, the cozy exploration game about a cute little mushroom!

This update is titled ‘Heart of the Forest’ and you’ll find the patch notes below:

Abbreviated Patch Notes:

New content

  • 2 New mini areas
  • 1 New main area
  • 5 New skins to unlock
  • 6 New mushrooms to discover
  • 3 New achievements to unlock
  • 1 New secret upgrade
  • 2 New speedrunner modes
  • New music
  • New items
  • New mechanics
  • New NPCs

Fixes & Improvements

  • Loads of minor and major bug fixes
  • Camera improvements to not collide as much with environment

Other Notes About Update

  • The update is fully compatible with older saves
  • You can start the new content by talking to the capybara in the Lake of Bloom level

Feel that chill in the air? Brave the mysteries of a haunted mansion with a friend in “Pair Horror,” an upcoming 2-player game from SAT-BOX! Work together to complete a multitude of missions in this multiplayer minigame collection! “Pair Horror” is scheduled to release later this month on July 25, 2024 on the Nintendo e-Shop in English and Japanese.

This mysterious mansion is full of terrifying traps and strange monsters, but nothing is scary when we work together!

Enjoy a pick up and play co-op cute horror and action experience on the Nintendo Switch™! Share Joy-Con™ and play with a friend!

Play Modes:

  • Play Together

Work together to complete a total of 20 unique co-op games!

  • Online

Team up with players from around the world and play together!

[Press Release]

Ys X: Nordics finally has a release date and it’s October 25th, 2024! A Limited Edition was announced a while back as well and we finally have all the details for it along with the pre-order information.

The Limited Edition will include the items listed below and you can pre-order it now through Nis America’s official site here.


You can also pre-order the Deluxe Edition from the links listed below: