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Mika and the Witch’s Mountain was a game that hit Kickstarter and reached its goal earlier this year, including the one that will bring it to Switch.

Just today during the Future Games Show presentation, even more gameplay was shared with a brand new trailer and a release date of 2023!

The most important part of this new trailer? Froggy chair!!

[Future Games Show]

Cosen and developer TALESshop have released the final trailer for the romantic visual novel The Fox Awaits Me HANA. The title will be available on November 2nd of this year.

Just like its prequel, it’s been confirmed the game will be in English. Other languages will be available as well.



We knew that Ak-Xolotl was coming to Switch, as shared previously last year, but it had been a while since we got news about the game. That finally changed today, as part of the Future Games Show presentation, where we got some new gameplay and confirmation that the game is coming this year as well.

If you like fast-paced games, roguelites, or bullet hell games (or all three!) don’t forget to watch the new trailer above!

[Future Games Show]


Announced as part of the Future Games Show presentation, Decarnation is a brand new horror pixel game inspired by movies of Satoshi Kon and David Lynch.

The game is coming to Switch on May of 2023. Check out the game’s description and trailer below!

Explore a haunting world, both real and metaphorical, and find the keys needed to battle inner and outer monsters. Get caught up in an intensely emotional story unfolding in a malignant, elaborate setting. Experience diverse gameplay featuring twisted puzzles, threatening creatures, lovecraftian environments, and metaphorical minigames. Decarnation takes inspiration from the best 2D adventure-horror and survival-horror games from the past eras, as well as cult movies from Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue) and David Lynch (Mulholland Drive).

Paris, 1990. Gloria is at the end of her rope. A struggling cabaret dancer dealing with the fraying of her relationships, career, and self-esteem, she takes on a new artistic endeavor sponsored by a mysterious benefactor. Would the generous proposal be Gloria’s lucky break, or something worse? A survival story with layered psychological stakes, Decarnation explores the contrast between battling limitations in the physical realm, and the subconscious landscapes one can’t escape. Decarnation is an emotional, startling story-driven experience that will keep you on your toes until the very end.

Decarnation mixes traditional survival horror elements (cryptic puzzle to solve, inhospitable environments to explore, lethal predators to avoid, terrifying boss to defeat, etc.) with a wide variety of symbolic minigames (puzzles, reflexes, rhythm, etc.) accounting for real life situations (performing a cabaret show on stage) or metaphorical ones.

Once uncovered, key elements of Gloria’s life aid her in defeating monsters in her dreams in unique battles that marry the grotesque and the sublime to represent her struggle for survival. Overcoming challenges in her dreams strengthens Gloria against real life difficulties, and her real life issues create new challenges in her dreams.

[Future Games Show]


Order a Pizza with a Nintendo Wii in 2023

No one outpizzas the Wii

10 March 2023
by videocookies 0

WiiLink is an online service to keep your Nintendo Wii’s online alive. Why do we mention this? Because they have released an update bringing back WiiConnect24, allowing many of the discontinued Wii Channels to go back online.

Among these channels, we find the fabled Demae Channel, a Japanese exclusive channel that would allow you to order food through your Nintendo Wii. The developers have released an update that makes the channel function completely now in 2023, so you can too now order a pizza from places like Dominos in Japan.

Don’t believe me? Watch it all go down in the video below!

Capcom Publisher Sale now live

TONS of dicounts!

10 March 2023
by videocookies 1

Capcom is hosting a publisher sale for some of their bigger titles for both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS one is worth taking a look at, since they have discounts of up to 92%!

Among these titles, they also include DLC and Capcom Arcade Stadium games, so if you’d like to take a look at the full list, feel free to follow this link.

For the main games, we have them here below:




Remember Super Mario Run? The one mobile Nintendo game you had to actually buy is now technically free!

If you never tried it, but were meaning to, now it’s your chance. A few weeks ago, a new update went under the radar which allows you to play one level for free each day. That’s right! Just one level, but it may be enough to give you a few minutes of fun while you are on that bus drive.

Here are the full notes:

What’s new

  • Added features for an event.
  • Added a feature in which you can play one stage for free each day even if you haven’t purchased Super Mario Run by linking to a Nintendo Account.
  • Various bug fixes.

Better make a Nintendo Account if you want to play the game!

Will you be trying Super Mario Run now? Did you just happen to buy it last week? Let us know below!


Besides Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection featuring a ton of games, the collection will also have some brand new features for you to enjoy!

Some of the new features we found about during the Capcom Spotlight are Buster MAX Mode and Patch Cards.

For Buster MAX Mode, this new feature will make it faster to get through some of the many battles you’ll encounter during the game, as this mode multiplies the attack power of your normal MegaBuster by 100. You can toggle this mode on and off, so if you wanted to get something closer to the original experience, you can do that with no problems.

As for the Patch Cards, these were cards that were available only in Japan during the release of the original games, but this time, all 499 cards will be available in the game and they’ll be usable from Mega Man Battle Network 4 onward.

If you’d like to know even more details about these features, check out Capcom Blog’s latest entry on Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection!



Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, the port of the original DS game, is not only getting the HD treatment, but also getting some new details as we learned during today’s Capcom Spotlight presentation.

You can see these in full below:

As a remaster, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective comes jam-packed with new features including:

  • Higher Quality Gameplay: Images and framerates are now adapted for 1080p/60fps visuals
  • Optimized UI Features: With new platforms comes compatibility for both controllers and touch screens (applicable only to platforms with built-in touch screen support.)
  • Nine Languages (Three Brand New!): Now playable in nine languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean (new), Simplified Chinese (new), and Traditional Chinese (new)
  • New Challenges for Consoles: Newly added Trophies and returning Ghost Puzzles can be obtained by completing different levels of the game
  • Fresh Music and Illustrations: Available in the Collection feature, players can now access newly recorded and arranged music tracks alongside unique illustrations


The first two seasons of Mega Man NT Warrior will be available to watch for free starting on March 21st at 10:00 AM PT!

If you are curious on how it will be handled, Capcom will do this via Twitch and they’ll have the full run of all the episodes from the first and second season complete with English dubs.


To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Capcom will be opening an all digital theme park called “Capcom Town” where they’ll feature a digital museum along other buildings.

While they mention you can visit this website to check out the construction plans, the site does not seem to be working at the moment. Keep checking if you are curious!

We are curious to know what they’ll be showing, but we won’t know more until their grand opening on June 12, 2023.



The next free title update for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is coming to the Nintendo Switch version and also closer than expected!

As seen pictured, it will feature a returning Elder Dragon and a powered-up monster. As for the details, while we don’t know what exactly these monsters are, we do know that Capcom will be hosting a digital event showcasing everything about the update on April of this year.

Are you excited? Get to the comments and let us know!



The HD remaster of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective will be releasing on June 29th on Nintendo Switch.

Pre-orders are now available and it includes different bonuses listed below:

[Capcom ]


You heard it here! The official website for the The Super Mario Bros. Plumbing service has been updated. If you thought there were many awesome references before, you HAVE to go now and see what’s new for yourself. New reviews, new links, new live chat?! Check out the site here!



Did you ever want to take a close look at Mario’s shoes? Of course you did, and now you can! Starting tomorrow, March 10th, otherwise known as Mario Day (thanks Miyamoto for the explanation!), the shoes that Mario wears in the movie will be displayed to the public in Nintendo New York.

These shoes were recreated in order to celebrate the movie and Mario Day. That’s not all though! As NintendoNY’s Twitter just confirmed that they’ll have even more surprises to be shown at the event, so if you are planning on going, make sure to get there early!

What do you think? Will you go see Mario’s shoes in person? Let us know!