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Nintendo - 'Every game for Wii U/3DS' will be available digitally, access your account/games on any Wii U

by rawmeatcowboy
12 June 2012
GN Version 4.0
GM: Can you download a game right away when you see it on your Miiverse? Will you still have physical games too then?

Cindy: Yes. What we said is that every game for the Wii U, and this is true for the Nintendo 3DS too, will be available in both packaged as well as digital. It’s really about choice. What I remember as a parent, I prefer the download because I won’t lose the disk. But some people thrive on [having the physical game], to each his own.

GM: Is there a way you can play your games on another Nintendo, for example if I go to my parents’ house and want to play on their console?

Cindy: You’ll have an account system so you’ll be able to access your account anywhere.

Full interview here (thanks TanookiTravis!)