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Square-Enix is watching how you play to make better games

by rawmeatcowboy
26 October 2012
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If you agree to Square-Enix's online terms of service, you are letting Square-Enix watch how you play. They are watching every little thing you do...every single decision you make. Why are they doing this? Square-Enix says they do this to make a better game.

“Until you actually have data, you only have assumptions. You have a particular demographic that engages in forums and they can be very vocal. Often, at face value that can be interpreted as being a clear indication of a particular problem or a particular desire.

When you actually have the whole picture, you get a much better understanding as to what’s really going on and often, it’s quite a small group of people who are taking a very big sense of need or demand.” - Square Enix London Studios producer Chris Dillon

A little creepy, don't you think? I like the idea, but I think Square-Enix should present this to the player up-front instead of tucked away in the terms of service. Give players the option to send out their data instead of getting the data through our lack of reading terms of service details.

Then again, I guess we're at fault just as much. We should be reading those ToS features instead of just agreeing blindly to them.

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