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Iwata: Investor Q&A summary (pricing, Miiverse, innovation, friend codes and more)

by rawmeatcowboy
27 October 2012
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- Nintendo Direct is watched between 600,000 and 1 million people
- Animal Crossing: New Leaf's special Nintendo Direct was watched over 1 million times on YouTube
- Iwata wanted to avoid consumers worrying about a 3DS-style price cut with the Wii U
- this had an influence on Wii U price
- the price they've gone with is to keep people from holding out and to meet customer expectations
- Iwata: If you criticize a lack of innovation over IP-heavy lineups, you're looking only at the titles and not their contents.
- Iwata: If Mario and Pokemon titles didn't innovate, those franchises would fall into ruin.
- Iwata: "If we can't provide overwhelming fun not possible with free or 85-yen games, Nintendo and consoles have no value."
- Iwata wants to explain the Miiverse in detail prior to the Wii U launching
- he wants to do this through a Nintendo Direct
- Iwata: You'll be able to become friends with others through Miiverse; increasing the number of friends to play with is its critical mission.
- It seems that Iwata might be saying that Nintendo has done away with the need for mutual friend code exchanges. Seems that you can become friends with someone instantly through Miiverse without the need of sharing friend codes. This isn't 100% confirmed yet.
- Iwata expects the 3rd-party share of software sales on the Wii U to increase earlier on than it did on the DS or for foreign pubs on Wii
- Iwata can't say exactly when Wii U will no longer be sold at a loss
- he believes that by the next fiscal year, software and hardware combined for Wii U will contribute a satisfactory profit
- Iwata and Nintendo weren't happy with how Nintendo-related information was being transmitted on the net before they even had a chance to post anything about it themselves. This is how Nintendo Direct came to be
- Nintendo Directs have had a positive effect on hardware sellthrough, rate of hardware usage and download numbers for demos and 3D videos
- Iwata: "I don't know when our fans will get bored with seeing a regular guy in his 50s talking about games over and over, but I'd like to continue doing it for as long as they enjoy watching and paying attention to Nintendo Directs."
- Doesn't believe Nintendo Directs are the be all/end all for marketing for them, but merely a new axis for it.
- Iwata feels the period post-holidays is of great importance for Wii U sales. They realize that they have had issues in the past with deploying too many titles at launch and then having nothing after. Luckily, they've been able to secure a very large number of games from western devs, so Nintendo have been able to shift some of their titles to post-holidays.
- Doesn't seem like there'll be paid DLC for Animal Crossing: New Leaf because it'd make the game be too costly.
- Won't have DLC for all games, really depends on the game.

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