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Nintendo FY3/2019 3rd Quarter Investor Briefing Recap

by rawmeatcowboy
01 February 2019
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Time for Nintendo's investor briefing! We'll keep you up-to-date on the happenings in the live blog below. Refresh to see new details! Thanks to David Gibson for the coverage.

- revised Switch from 20m to 17m as software did not capture enough growth
- software growing at rapid pace, lays foundation for further business expansion
- NA and EU software sales in 3Q were beyond expectations
- Core 1st party titles have passed 10m each, these have driven unprecedented growth
- SSBU in Japan with 3.32m sales is outpacing all previous Smash titles before
- Super Mario Party designed for families but also appealing to those in their 20s
- Labo was expected to sell in a different manner, and is currently used in 100 elementary schools
- 3rd Party sales for 9 month period are up more than double YoY
- Asia increasingly more important, as 3DS got 1.4% of sales, but Switch is already at 7%
- Nintendo redefined plans in 2014, as they wanted to increase ways customers could interact with Nintendo's IPs
- Nintendo needs unique products/services, wants to use IP in an aggressive way/expand, and leverage Nintendo Accounts
- more than 8 million people have signed up for Switch Online accounts
- Nintendo's president says they don't just want to expand game population, but increase value for users
- 3 core pillars for Nintendo are dedicated devices, mobile and IP business
- Nintendo World at Universal Park Japan will be ready in 2020, the Olympic year. Illumination Super Mario movie aiming for 2022
- Nintendo Tokyo store will open in Shibuya at the Parco building
- Next year Nintendo aims to capture further growth in hardware and software, which they'll do with a strong game lineup
- development teams are more integrated now, and are working better together, which means less time needed
- they can't talk about other software they're working on at this time
- the goal is to not have a delay on titles that the market is concerned with
- 3DS numbers were revised, as the market is shrinking faster than expected
- 3DS appeals to customers as its light, compact, affordable, and is suitable game entry device
- the aim for Swich is to have 1 per person/several per household.
- Super Nintendo World is priority for 2020 launch, then US, London and Hollywood
- of 700 developers in Kyoto, Nintendo has a high number of women devs
- Switch Online retention is critical, with content being enhanced throughout the year
- Splatoon 2 and Smash Bros. Ultimate were major drivers for Switch Online
- Nintendo says Switch won't see the boom/bust that Wii did because Wii was for anyone to play, which lead to an explosion of popularity out of the gate. This was largely due to very few titles that really caught on in a huge way. Switch has several titles to drive it, and Switch is different from Wii. Nintendo thinks it can continue to capture growth.
- Nintendo is continuing to prepare multiple fun titles that they can't talk about yet
- Nintendo has a lot of ideas, and it's important that these ideas are unique to Nintendo
- Nintendo is not denying approval for internal development ideas