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Devolver Digital says Nintendo has been 'really fantastic' with their indie efforts

by rawmeatcowboy
04 March 2019
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With the Switch hitting its 2-year anniversary, countless indie devs have been speaking out about their experiences with the platform. The Switch has been an indie haven, and fans have been scooping up those indie experiences left and right.

Nintendo's push for indie content is bigger than ever on Switch, and multiple publishers/developers have noted just how big of difference it is from Nintendo's old way of operating. Check out what Nigel Lowrie, co-founder of publisher Devolver Digital, had to say about Nintendo's approach to indies in a TIME feature.

“It became very clear when the Switch came out, Nintendo, who have been really fantastic since, had started reaching out aggressively. They were contacting us, other devs, other pubs, engaging with us at PAX and GDC, making a conscious effort to see what we were up to … and to this day are pretty active in checking in to see what we have coming and working to promote our games side-by-side with their games, which is impressive to see.”