Overwatch 2 file size ~30GB, can be preloaded starting 10/4 @ 9AM PDT

The world needs more heroes…and about 30GB hard drive space

01 October 2022
by alecandstuff 2

Overwatch 2 launches next week, and to prepare for the game’s launch, Blizzard has detailed the preload process for all platforms. Shared in a post on Twitter Blizzard notes that players who already own Overwatch on PC can begin pre-installing the game now to ensure they’re ready for the Oct 4th release date. It’s worth noting that console players (Switch included) will have to wait until October 4th @ 9AM PDT before they can begin the pre-install process prior to the game’s final release later that afternoon (12PM).

It’s certainly not as much extra time as PC players get, so better make sure you have the hard drive space and internet speeds ready for this update once it launches next week!

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1+ y ago


this is honestly what i'm not looking forward to with a Switch 2/Switch Pro. 30-50+ GB games and still being limited to SD cards for storage, where 1TB+ cards are still prohibitively expensive.

Good point. “Be careful what you wish for…”