Mario + Rabbids is a surprisingly wonderful game for a number of reasons, not least of which is its memorable music. That music came courtesy of composer Grant Kirkhope, well known for his work on Banjo Kazooie and other classic Rare titles.

A new video in GameXplain’s Melodies of Gaming series breaks down just what makes the music of Mario + Rabbids so great. Along with commentary on numerous tracks from the first game and its DLC expansion, Kirkhope himself chimes in to offer insight into the development of these tunes. It’s a must watch (and listen) for video game music fans.

Have you ever loved music from a game so much that it filled your heart with joy to hear it beautifully arranged? In our musical analysis series, we explore such reimagined songs in official game titles. In this episode, we examine the music of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch and how the reprised themes have changed from their respective games. And this time, the legendary composer himself, Grant Kirkhope, is along with us for the journey. A few of the notable Mario and Donkey Kong series themes are covered, with Lagoon Promenade serving as the feature presentation. We hope you enjoy these Melodies of Gaming!

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