Jupiter recently released an update for all their Picross titles on Switch adding four player support and touch screen support. Unfortunately, it seems that this update resulted in a couple of major bugs popping up in Picross S2. One of these bugs erases the game’s No Assist records, while the other makes the game potentially unplayable.

In a recent Tweet, Jupiter details these bugs and promises that they’ll be fixed in a future update. In the meantime, they recommend that you simply don’t start up your Picross S2 software until that update is available. We don’t have a date for its release just yet, but hopefully it’ll come soon. See below for the full details.

1) The “No Assist” indication for problems cleared before the update was applied is not properly reflected.

As a result of our investigation of the problem, we have found that we are unable to restore the “No Assist” clear records. We are very sorry for the loss of your important records. If you have not started Picross S2 even once after this update, please wait until the next update. You can avoid this problem by not starting Picross S2 until the next update.

2) Deleting a record of a cleared problem on the “Clip Picross” problem selection screen causes the game to become inoperable.

Please wait for the next update as we will fix the issue.

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