Monster Hunter DLC Coming to Sonic Frontiers

Sonic rocking that Rathalos armor

11 October 2022
by cykeswiki 2

SEGA and Capcom have announced that Sonic Frontiers will be receiving Monster Hunter crossover DLC for free upon its release. While we don’t have the details on what exactly it will entail, we know that it will involve Sonic gaining some Monster Hunter equipment to wear during his adventure, along with a Monster Hunter-themed mini game to play!

Previously announced DLC for the game include the option to wear the classic Soap Shoes from Sonic Adventure 2, along with Japan-exclusive DLC featuring a variety of crossover items with popular VTuber and noted Sonic fan and collaborator Inugami Korone.

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1+ y ago

Was already thinking about trying Frontiers, this is yet another good reason.


1+ y ago

It makes sense that it's a mutually beneficial relationship. We had Sonic content previously in Monster Hunter, now it's Monster Hunter's turn in Sonic.

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