Square Enix has published a new blog post featuring lots of new details on the upcoming Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. Included in the post are some of the game’s modes that are brand new to the series. First up are the game’s “Series Quests”, which allow you to play through versions of 29 classic Final Fantasy titles, unlocking new characters and songs along the way. Each song will also have a unique goal such as “Defeat 10 Bombs” to keep you on your toes.

Also explained is the Endless World mode, which challenges you with random songs of increasing difficulty until you fail three quests. And of course, there are Multi-Battles, multiplayer song competitions which allow you to unleash powerful Bursts and collect cards if you win.

Click here to read the full blog post, which includes more screenshots, basic gameplay info, and a look at what songs will be included at launch and in upcoming DLC. Theatrhythm Final Bar Line will release on Nintendo switch February 16, 2023.

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