Famitsu has published the video game hardware sales data of Japan for the week of March 14, 2022 to March 20, 2022. Translated by Gematsu, the list provides the sales of the week, alongside the lifetime sales provided in parentheses. Nintendo Switch models hold the top three spots, and the 2DS models are still holding out with hardware sales at #8.

The hardware sales are reported as follows:

  1. Switch OLED Model – 55,675 (1,441,315)
  2. Switch – 19,165 (18,116,589)
  3. PlayStation 5 – 13,971 (1,239,386)
  4. Switch Lite – 10,657 (4,635,407)
  5. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – 2,997 (222,657)
  6. Xbox Series X – 2,936 (88,985)
  7. Xbox Series S – 618 (74,915)
  8. New 2DS LL (including 2DS) – 287 (1,184,064)
  9. PlayStation 4 – 10 (7,819,379)

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2y ago

Love the switch sweep, but shouldn't the ps5 be 3rd with those numbers?


2y ago

@streex You're right! I'm not sure why it was compiled this way on my source. Multiple sources have it written this way, so I'm sure it was an error on someone's part that just got repeated. I've made the correction on here.