The Minecraft Live 2022 virtual event was held today, and from it, we learned of some exciting upcoming Minecraft developments. First, we got our first taste of news about the next Minecraft update: Version 1.20 will be launching sometime in 2023. Here are the newest details from the official Minecraft Twitter account:

  • This update will be “designed to inspire self-expression, representation, and storytelling through your Minecraft worlds”
  • There will be seven new default skins, including Sunny, Efe, and Noor
  • New item: Hanging sign
  • New wood set: Bamboo
  • Bamboo can be used to craft a new boat variant, the raft
  • New block: Chiseled bookshelf allows you to store and retrieve books and quills. Can be integrated with redstone.
  • New mob: Camel. Rideable by up to two players and found in desert villages.
  • Beta/snapshot/preview update coming in a few days

Next, a new Batman themed DLC was announced, coming October 18, 2022. In this DLC, you’ll play as Batman, explore Gotham, and face off against the Joker and other villains. A free Batman cap item is currently available to players in their Minecraft dressing rooms.


The Minecraft Live event also allowed players to vote for their favorite mob out of three choices. This year, the winner was the Sniffer.

Click here to watch the entire Minecraft Live 2022 presentation.

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