A new high speed anti-gravity racing game has just launched on Kickstarter called Aero GPX. The game’s description indicates that it will be focused on “high velocity, flight, machine-to-machine combat, and responsive controls that are simple to pick up but difficult to master”. If that sounds somewhat familiar, it’s because two of the game’s biggest influences are listed as Nintendo’s own F-zero X and F-Zero GX. The developer also apparently took inspiration from Wave Race 64 for its summer vibes and Kirby Air Ride for its accessible gameplay. Sounds like it should be right up the alley of most Nintendo fans!

As of right now, the game is only slated for a PC release. However, the developer states on the Kickstarter page that he would like to create stretch goals to bring the game to other platforms if it reaches its initial funding goal. In particular, he states that the game “belongs on the Switch just as much as it belongs on the PC”. With its obvious influences, the Switch does seem like a perfect home for the game, so hopefully that dream comes true.

Click here to learn more about Aero GPX and decide if you’d like to back it for yourself. The project has until November 16, 2022 to be funded.

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