Mystery game Master Detective Archives: Rain Code has plenty of characters to meet, so developer Spike-Chunsoft is introducing players to some of them early, ahead of its Spring 2023 release. First up are details on Yuma Kokohead and Shinigami. See below for their descriptions and some more images:

Yuma Kokohead (voiced by Katsuki Fukuhara in Japanese, and Lucien Dodge in English)

  • Protagonist who suffers from amnesia. He possesses a strong sense of justice & tries to help anyone in need. Fun fact: His irises look like keyholes!

Shinigami (voiced by Sayuki Suzushiro in Japanese, and Anjali Kunapaneni in English)

  • Death god contracted to haunt Yuma. She annoys Yuma with her mischievous antics, and feels no remorse in doing so. Her humanoid form has the gloomy yet glittery aura of a goddess of darkness!

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