We’re just a couple of days away from the release of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope on October 20th, and some new technical details have just popped up.

First, we’ve learned how the game will run in both handheld and docked mode. A new video from ElAnalistaDeBits demonstrates a resolution of 900p while the Switch is docked, and 612p while playing handheld. Presumably, the slightly lower resolution is there to compensate for the demand the game puts on the Switch’s processing power.

Next, we learned about the game’s extensive accessibility options. These allow players to make adjustments in the settings menu to help with any visual, audio, or gameplay needs. See below for the full list of options:


  • Sensitivity Option to adjust camera movement speed. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)
  • Remap controls Option to invert X and Y axes for the camera. (Motor, Cognitive)
  • Button Holds and Toggles Option to change holds to toggles individually for skipping cinematics, feeding Sparks, boost and scan actions. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)
  • Repeated Presses Option to change interactions that require repeated presses to a single button press. (Motor)
  • Menu Navigation Works with directional inputs snapping to items automatically, using the left stick or the D-pad. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)
  • Control reminders displayed on-screen during battle. (Cognitive)


  • Color No information is communicated by color alone. (Cognitive, Vision)


  • Camera Shake Option to disable camera shake. (Cognitive, Motion Sickness)
  • Other Motion Effects Option to automatically skip technique cinematics and deactivate auto-camera during gameplay. (Cognitive, Motion Sickness)


  • Subtitles enabled by default and cannot be disabled. Speaker names are displayed. (Hearing, Cognitive, Vision)
  • Sound Ability to adjust volume levels for ambient sounds, music, sound effects, spoken voice and user interface. (Hearing, Cognitive)


  • Difficulty There are three pre-set difficulty modes available. Players can customize the experience by adjusting enemy threat level and how hero management tasks are handled separately. There is also an option for invulnerability. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)
  • Aiming assists Primary weapons automatically lock-on to enemies (Cognitive, Motor, Vision)

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1+ y ago

Ubisoft have been pretty good at providing lots of customisable accessibility options in their games.