Jack Move will soon be updated to Version 1.0.6. While this update has already been released on Steam, it’s not available on the Nintendo Switch just yet. According to the developer, it should be making its way to consoles in the next week or so. See the full patch notes below for all the changes, including some reworking of the final boss.

  • Fix issue where you could spawn in a maps default position if the gane crashed or was quit directly after a cutscene had played
  • Fix an issue where buffs/debuffs were not applied corectly in some instances
  • Spook was not buffing allies correctly
  • Fixed many softlock issues related to collisions
  • Fixed a couple of cutscenes where the camera would not follow Noa correctly afterwards
  • Submit the first achievement correctly if save data was copied over from the demo
  • Fix Mega Drone only using a single software
  • Fix poison
  • Fix various missing battle animations and sound effects
  • Fix issue with Qadir not checking the correct value for if an attack hit
  • Fix issue with Dark Disconnect not checking the correct value for if an attack hit
  • Fix issue where music was not reset after the Ultima Qadir battle
  • Fix Compublobs exploding twice
  • Fix rounding issue in level related calculations
  • Fix items not scrolling in Patch menu
  • Rework Final Krall’s second phase to telegraph what is happening more clearly
  • Fix issues with Final Krall
  • Fix issues with Enforcinator
  • Fix physical attack debuff actually casting buff
  • Fix Riot Enforcer failing to select a grenade which could softlock.
  • Fix issue with poison. Removing the poison debuff will no longer cause a softlock.
  • Fix issue where force quitting after a cutscene would not save your position.
  • Minor cosmetic fixes

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