The Game Boy Player was an accessory released by Nintendo for the GameCube in 2003. By attaching this accessory to the bottom of your GameCube, it allowed you to play Game Boy Advance games on your TV with a GameCube controller. Of course, this resulted in a bigger picture and better sound! Unfortunately, there are drawbacks in terms of the visual fidelity, but now it seems there’s a way around it!

Good Vibes Gaming has posted a new video demonstrating this method to make the Game Boy Player look better than it ever has before. This method makes use of something called Game Boy Interface, software that bypasses the standard Game Boy Player startup disc. You can install this via a small micro SD card that can be easily inserted into a slot on the bottom of the GameCube, no hacking or dismantling required. You’ll also need to follow some steps in order to install the Swiss homebrew software for your system. (The above video goes over everything in full detail.)

Doing so allows you to adjust the Game Boy Player’s pre-programmed settings, such as changing the resolution to 240p. The end result is a much clearer, more vibrant image, with brighter colors and even reduced input lag. Sounds like this is how Game Boy Advance games were meant to be played! Check it out in action for yourself by watching the video, and maybe give it a go if you’ve got your own Game Boy Player at home.

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