With the recent controversy surrounding Bayonetta 3’s voice acting, new information and statements have emerged from all corners of the issue. Along with this information, a large amount of backlash has built with some even calling for boycotts of the upcoming game.

Some of that backlash, unfortunately, has also turned to Bayonetta’s new voice actress Jennifer Hale. Through all the information and allegations that have arisen, Hale has consistently called for civil discussion surrounding the matter. She has made it clear that her priority is to deliver her performance and that she wishes no ill will against Taylor.

Today, Platinum Games themselves have made their first official statement on the matter. Their statement joins Hale’s calls for civility. Platinum also asks that disrespectful comments towards Hale and others associated with the matter stop.

The team’s full statement can be seen in the Tweet below.

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1+ y ago

I don't understand why Jennifer Hale got any flak in the first place. She wouldn't have known about the Hellena Taylor issue when she took the job, and probably still wouldn't if Taylor didn't make a huge deal out of it.


1+ y ago

That's internet for ya. Flak on someone else who shouldn't take any blame at all...


1+ y ago

Hale doesn't deserve any abuse. Still doesn't clarify anything about the pay. This controversy has brought the game more attention and it seems has boosted pre orders. I think it was always going to sell a few million at least. It should do better than 1&2 did on Wii U. I wouldn't blame Taylor if she asked for bonuses attached to sales, now the series is established and on a system with a 100+ million user base. But companies don't want to do that, they want to keep as much profit to themselves as possible. And if the employees don't like it, there's always someone else who'll take the job.


1+ y ago

Taylor really shot herself in the foot over all this. Wanted to drop the whole thing and put it behind her once the reports about what her proposed pay was actually going to be. A big 360 from calls for Boycott.


1+ y ago

We live in a guilty before proven innocent era now. Sadly this won't stop for the time being.Trying to stay neutral is difficult given people have adopted a tribe mentally. And therefore will pick a side and follow them blindly, even if the leader leads them over a cliff


1+ y ago

One thing can not be denied and that's Taylor fucked up big time. She completely ruined her VA career with tis childish rant of hers and trying to take others down with her. People who had absolutely NOTHING to do with the entire issue. Shame! I really wanted her to be in Bayo3 but the thing is that Hale does an amazing job!

I am insanely excited to finally get my tentacles on the game and hope they ship my Trinity version in time (or if I am really lucky, a bit before. Has happened before).

And a big thanks to everyone who made this be a thing at all. Nintendo, P games and also Hale.


1+ y ago

Based Platinum.

Jennifer deserves nothing but respect, Hellena on the other hand (along with the audience she's cultivated with this little ego stunt) is poisonous and deserves to reap what she's sewn.

Looking forward to hearing our new witch(es) in full.