Paper Mario reimagined as a GBA game in fan mockups

A handheld port that never was

22 October 2022
by quence 1

Paper Mario has gone to a lot of different places over the years, but the Game Boy Advance isn’t one of them. Nintendo’s handheld did receive the Mario + Luigi RPGs, but Paper Mario never made the system its home. In an effort to remedy that somewhat, Nintendo fan @Niinjamal has created some fan art imagining what Paper Mario might have looked like on the GBA.

As seen in the above Tweet, the images beautifully recreate a few moments from Paper Mario in nostalgic GBA style, including the title screen and battle sequences. We might not have a real Paper Mario GBA game, but it would’ve been great if it looked as nice as this!

Ninjamal says they’re looking forward to creating more mockups in the near future. What Nintendo series would you like to see on the GBA?

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1+ y ago

This is so good it hurts