Nintendo renames YouTube channel, loses verified checkmark

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25 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

It seems Nintendo is going through a bit of virtual housekeeping over on YouTube. For whatever reason, Nintendo has decided to rename their YouTube Channel, and doing so has cost them their verified checkmark.

While Nintendo’s North American YouTube Channel used to simply be called ‘Nintendo,’ the channel has since been updated with the name ‘Nintendo of America.’ It seems either Nintendo wanted to differentiate between various YouTube channels, or YouTube is cracking down on multiple channels with the same name. Either way, the name change has been made, and Nintendo’s checkmark is gone.

It’s very likely Nintendo will get their checkmark back once YouTube has time to verify the channel and change. Until then, have no worries, as the renamed Nintendo of America channel is very much the official channel for all things Nintendo in North America.


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1+ y ago

That’s weird that the verified system is tied to the display name. But I guess it’s to stop people getting “verified” and then changing to appear as a different verified person or company.