Apple devices now compatible with Switch NES and N64 controllers

Apple showing Nintendo some love

25 October 2022
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Nintendo has been selling their classic controllers to play retro games via Nintendo Switch Online, but now there’s yet another use for them! Game developer Steve Troughton-Smith made the discovery recently that both Switch NES and N64 controllers are now compatible with Apple devices. This means you’ll be able to connect them via Bluetooth to any of your iOS, iPadOS, macOS, or tvOS devices as of the latest update to Version 16.1.

Unfortunately, there have been no reports yet as to whether or not the Switch SNES or Genesis controllers work with Apple devices too. However, it seems likely that any Switch Online controllers should do the job. Apple’s own patch notes were vague, simply stating that “many additional Bluetooth and USB game controllers” are now compatible.

Since these controllers were recently made functional with Steam games as well, it seems they have all kinds of uses! Now, you just need to get lucky and manage to buy one when it’s in stock on Nintendo’s site.

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