Cursed to Golf has been updated to Version 1.1.0 (The Purgatory Remix update) on Steam. Unfortunately, this update is not yet available on Switch, but Chuhai Labs says it should be coming to consoles “in the coming week(s)”. It’ll take just a bit longer as they make sure things are stable and go through Nintendo’s submission process. In the meantime, you can read the full list of patch notes below and get ready for what’s to come (hopefully soon).

Practice Round: Practice Round is a new mode we’ve created to help players with the perils of Golf Purgatory! In this new mode, you will be able to start a blank 18-hole run through the Purgatory, Oasis and Caverns biomes while setting your own custom rules! Through Practice Round you will be able to familiarize yourself with the various dungeon-like holes of Cursed to Golf and practice making your way through the various hazards in hopes of being able to take on Classic mode and finally Ascend!

  • Set your starting PAR Count.
  • Enable “Hole Restart” option.
  • Enable “Cursed Holes” option.
  • Set your starting Ace Card deck.
  • Set your “Shot Idol” options.
  • Set your starting biome area.
  • Enable “Cursed” rewards each hole.
  • If you’re struggling to make it to latter biomes, use Practice Round!

Remix Round: Remix Round is a brand-new daunting game mode for those experienced Cursed Golfers who have already made the Ascension (or close to)! Tackle 9-remixed-purgatory-holes, devilishly designed to be the meanest, toughest and most difficult holes yet! Get yourself on a new leaderboard and show off.

  • Survive only on end of hole rewards!
  • If you’ve finished the 18-holes of Golf Purgatory and Ascended, but left wanting more this is the mode for you. We look forward to seeing you all scream…bwahahaha.

Quality of Life – Updates: Alongside the new game modes, we have also added a “hole” host of new quality of life options in the settings menu based on some of the common feedback! We will continue to add additional features and quality of life settings as we move forward. If there’s still options you’d like to have included, please leave a comment in the discussions thread!

  • Tutorial Skip option.
  • Replay tutorial option.
  • Skip cutscenes option.
  • Hold to Spin option.
  • Skip Hole Opening cinematic option.
  • Auto Fast-Forward – Shot animation.
  • (Note: Can be cancelled with pressing FF button)
  • Auto Fast-Forward – Transition animation.
  • (Note: Can be cancelled with pressing FF button)
  • Fast-Forward speed option.
  • New Driving Range areas added to Oasis and Caverns Eterni-Tee Hubs.
  • We also have been working hard on fixing additional issues, continuing to work on the stability of the overall experience and squashing pesky bugs.

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