You know what? I'm not that thirsty anymore...
You know what? I'm not that thirsty anymore...

The world of Pokémon merch is always expanding, with every corner of the market hungry for a collaboration. That includes Ensky, a Japanese company that has teamed with Pokémon Co. numerous times to create all sorts of interesting items. As you can see above, that trend shows no sign of stopping!

Ensky has revealed their next collaborative Pokémon product; a Psyduck teapot! Pre-orders in Japan are officially open, with the teapot priced at ¥13,200 yen, or roughly $114! Those willing to cough up the cash can expect their teapot to arrive sometime in April 2022.

The teapot comes with a small bonus as well. Included in the package will be a strainer for tea leaves. If you’d like to get a closer look at this work of art, you can see more pictures here. As for a look at the teapot in action, you can see that in the tweet below.

Thanks to Naruki for the heads up!

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2+ y ago

Nothing says flavour like duck drool.


2+ y ago

This post made me remember Psycho Duck!

In honor of him, I'll leave his famous signature here:

The Duck has spoken.

Kudos if you remember!